In this Lead Jumper Review, we’ll discuss a little bit about ringless voicemail. Also how to create your own sales funnels. Today you will learn Lead Jumper can do for your business.

Last year in 2015 ringless voicemail software was the new craze in online marketing.Lead Jumper Review

Lead Jumper Review – What’s It All About?

Lead Jumper is simply a marketing tool suite. It enables you to handle a wide gamut of marketing tasks all in one place – under one roof.

A few of the marketing tools that come with Lead Jumper are as follows:

  1. Lead Extraction Software
  2. Ringless Voicemail Drops
  3. Voice Broadcasting Software
  4. Full SMS Chat Feature
  5. Capture Pages
  6. Sales Pages
  7. Auto Responder Integration
  8. Lead Jumper Blog Network

Those are the primary tools that you’ll get when you join Lead Jumper. That means that you’re going to have pretty much all of the tools you need in one place to build a business on the internet.

In a moment I will talk to you a little bit about the Lead Jumper comp plan, but before I do – what type of business are you in?

After reading this Lead Jumper Review, you can use this as a tool to build virtually any business. Whether you’re a realtor, insurance agent, attorney, or whatever the case.

Also, if you take the time to learn how to properly utilize the Lead Jumper Blog Network you can then start ranking your business on the search engines and start seeing residual traffic that you don’t have to pay for.

Nothing is better than free advertising!

Here’s a quick peek into the back office:

Lead Jumper Compensation Plan

Building Lead Jumper as a business…

If you want to turn this into an income opportunity for yourself, it’s very easy.

First things first, who out there is looking for tools like we have with Lead Jumper?

Internet Marketers, affiliate marketers, network marketers, and e-commerce sales people. Virtually anyone who uses the internet at some capacity to earn revenue. The list is really unlimited.

So how’s the comp plan work?

Very simple to understand. It’s a straight affiliate program, so there are no pass up sales, no residual income, or any of that stuff.

It’s a simple one time payout for each referral that you generate. So when a new member joins Lead Jumper for $197 you the affiliate/referrer are going to earn $150 paid to you through Paypal.

All payouts are paid the following month of the 15th of the month.

So if you generated 10 sales in your business in the month April, on May 15th you would be paid $1,500 via Paypal. While I would prefer to be paid instantly, I don’t see a problem with generating as many sales as possible for the month and then having a nice payday the following month of the 15th.

Lead Jumper Reviews

If you look hard enough you’ll find all sorts of information about this program online.

I myself, have been using this tool since its inception – and I also have results to back up what I say. Not only have I seen results as a Lead Jumper affiliate, but also in my other business ventures as a result of using the tools that come with the program.

To learn more about the ins and outs of Lead Jumper check out my YouTube channel Lead Jumper Reviews.

You’ll find everything you could possibly need to know about how the tools work, and also get a chance to look over my shoulder. I give live tutorials on each element of the program.

Click here if you’re ready to get started. You’ll also find an example of one of the lead capture pages I created with the software.


If you have any questions at all, I’m just a phone call away. My number is on the image at the bottom of this article. Feel free to contact me anytime during reasonable hours.

Before I go, I almost forgot to mention that the cost to continue using Lead Jumper is $20 per month. You will also need a hosting account that has a dedicated IP address in order to operate the lead extraction software.

I cover that in more detail on my YouTube Channel.

I just like to let people know all of the details in advance prior to them getting started so they don’t fell like there were any “gotchas” or hidden fees.

My goal is to help… which is why I take the time out of my day to be as explanatory as I can in these articles so that you feel confident in your purchase, should you decide to get involved.

So that’s all for now.

Thanks for taking time to read, and again, if you want to reach me my number is on the banner image below. Hopefully, you found value here today. If you have any questions call me up or leave a comment below.


In early 2017 the owner of Lead Jumper - Dan Miller, shut the program down without warning. Because of that I was forced to find another ringless voicemail solution and wound up going with GoRingless Extreme.

Thanks for reading this Lead Jumper Review.

Lead Jumper Reviews

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