So what is iBuzz Express?

If you’re a home based business owner, insurance or real estate agent, or just an entrepreneur in general – you’ll want to keep reading and find out!

iBuzz Express Review

iBuzz Express Review

Formerly known as iBuzz Pro – iBuzz Express in short, is a mass marketing tool.

Not only is it a marketing tool suite, but it also has a business opportunity attached.

iBuzz Express comes with two primary tools. The first one is a voice broadcasting platform. As of 2015, they’ve now added an additional tool which is a Ringless Voicemail Broadcaster.

For many years people in Top Tier Business Opportunities have promoted their programs through the use of tools like voice broadcasting platforms. Now that the ringless voicemail platform has hit the scene, it too is another popular method of marketing to thousands of people for literally pennies on the dollar.

You can run your own phone broadcast for as low as $0.179 and for ringless voicemail drops the cost is only $.049 per successful drop.

Check out this video to see the most recent updates to the iBuzz Express opportunity:

Marketing With iBuzz Express

Again, if you want to get access to mass marketing tools then you definitely ought to take a few minutes and complete this iBuzz Express review, review the entire website, and read every word on the page.

Here’s what’s possible with the iBuzz Express software:

  1. Purchase a list of leads or scrape your own
  2. Load those leads into the iBuzz Express platform
  3. Decide whether you want to run a voice broadcast or a ringless voicemail campaign
  4. Upload your outbound message
  5. Wait for leads to come in!

It’s really that simple.

If you wanted to contact 1000 people for example, with a voice broadcasting campaign you could reach 1000 people for less than $20. If you wanted to do a ringless voicemail campaign you could reach 1000 people for $49.

Both top tier marketing strategies work, but in my personal opinion, I think that a ringless voicemail (when done right) would get a much better response rate when executed on the same amount of leads – which in this case was 1000.

iBuzz Express Review – Live Broadcast Caught On Camera

Check out the video below to see an example of what a live ringless voicemail broadcast looks like. A voice broadcasting campaign would also look very similar.

iBuzz Express Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is a 1-up compensation plan. All this means is that you (the business owner) must “pass up” your first sale. Some people call this a “qualification sale” or a “training sale”.

The fee to join iBuzz Express is $297. There’s no monthly fees, but there is an annual renewal fee of $97 to keep your account current.

After you’ve gotten your qualification sale, you’re now qualified to earn $200 commissions on every sale that you generate.

The cool thing about selling the ringless voicemail technology is that it’s a tool that virtually every marketer on the planet can use. The software is also sold worldwide, which gives you even more ground to cover in your marketing.

The iBuzz Express compensation plan also creates leverage with the 1-ups because each pass up sale that you receive creates a new profit center. I’ll create a more in depth video explaining the compensation plan soon so you can see it visually.

The Ownership

John Breck, (the owner of iBuzz Express) is well respected in the industry. He’s also in the trenches every Monday night doing training calls to help iBuzz reps.

In the last few months alone he’s lowered the cost of sending ringless voicemail drops by 67%.

He did this in order to keep iBuzz competitive and relevant in the marketplace.

As far as I know, there is not another program in the market that offers both voice broadcasting and ringless voicemail in one software suite with no monthly fees.

As a member for over 7 years, I can say that I am more than happy with the software and the way things have been ran over the years. Not to mention that we ALWAYS get paid on time. Which is always a huge plus!


At the end of the day, if you can show someone how to get more traffic and sales to their opportunity then they will be more than willing to partner with you.

There’s a saying in the home business industry that “there’s more money in selling picks and shovels, than there is digging for gold”. I would have to agree.

Having an exciting tool that can help benefit other marketers and their businesses is always an easy sale.

Everyone that you know with their own business could use more leads. They also want a way that they can contact those leads quickly. Couple that with the fact that only interested prospects will be contacting you, and you have a win win situation.

Now, because of the iBuzz Express marketing platform, you no longer are the hunter – but the hunted!

So if you believe that it is worth $297 to have a tool that will contact thousands of prospects on your behalf in minutes, reach them for pennies on the dollar, and have them all coming back to you for more information.

I would encourage you to click the button below to get access to this extremely valuable tool. The value is unreal, so don’t be surprised if the price goes up in the near future. To lock in your fee of $297 click the button below now.

create my account

If you have any questions about the software or the opportunity, or would just like to see a live demo then feel free to contact me any time. My contact details can be found on the banner down below.

Thanks for reading this iBuzz Express Review.

iBuzz Express Review

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