If you’ve ever tried to do anything great you’ve surely had people who wanted to see you fail.

The funny thing about it is that people don’t always want to see you fail because they are being hateful or malicious with their intent.

Oddly, many times the reason that people want to see you fail is simply because if you were to accomplish what you’ve set out to do that would put the spotlight on them and remind them of all the things that they have NOT accomplished.

Why They Want You To Fail

There’s no greater reminder of how you’ve been wasting your life away as when one of your peers who started in the exact same place as you, goes on to do something great while you’re still stuck there in the same position you were 5, 10, 20 years ago.

So it’s not always that people “hate” you or want to bad things to happen to you, (although some do) it’s usually that they just don’t want to see you doing better than them, make sense?

Attainment or Entertainment?

It’s a fact that most people in society place a lot more value on entertainment than they do on the attainment of their goals and dreams.

This is why so many young people are not happy with where they are in life, because instead of staying in on a Friday or Saturday night and working on themselves and their skill sets, they’d rather go to the party….

….they’d rather watch Football

….they’d rather watch Soap Operas

….they’d rather get high or drunk

and on and on and on…

So what are you willing to sacrifice first and foremost?

Most people aren’t willing to sacrifice what makes them “feel good”.

And that is why they don’t want to see you succeed. Because it will bring all of their inadequacies to the light.

And nobody wants to get exposed now do they?

Focus On YOU and Your Daily Activity

My advice for you would be to completely ignore what anybody else is doing (or saying).

The only thing that matters is your daily activity.

If you’re doing what it is that you should be doing then the results will eventually follow.

There will always be naysayers and people that don’t want to see you do well – that’s life.

Just focus on falling in love with the process.

Stick to your process and you will really give them something to be mad about!


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