I’d like to give everyone a ’safe space’ to promote themselves and share what they do with the community… Introduce yourself and let us know what you’re passionate about! Spamming rules don’t apply here…

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    • Chuck Bluestein

      This is a good idea to have this place for people to tell about what they do. I did not get online until 2005. Before that I read a great deal of books on self improvement or self development. I also promoted a network marketing company. So I took all this stuff that I learned and put it on my website, http://www.phifoundation.org

      It has a page on fasting, pure water, best foods for cardiovascular health, how to avoid colds and flus, losing weight and pages on healing different problems. I have a page with advice for teen girls and I just added this short video to it that is inspirational to everyone. It is called No Arms, No Legs, No problems. A guy goes around giving lectures and he has no arms or legs. It shows him fishing, diving and playing soccer with no arms or legs. http://bit.ly/nick-4
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    • rhandellmitchell

      Yes I’ve been online since 96 or 97. However I did not get interested in making money online until maybe sometime around 2002-2003. In the beginning I lost thousands of dollars trying to find ‘the next best thing.’ I soon learned that in order to make money online you have to know what you’re doing. After all this time I still consider myself a novice. Although I have finally figured out the formula for being successful online. I got involved in my first MLM company back in 2002 and this is when I was first really introduced to personal development. Sometimes when I sit and think about it I believe that Network Marketing is the best thing that every happened to me.

    • The First Lady of Biz

      My blog (www.thechilddevelopmentportal.com) is dedicated to child development. This blog is a resource for parents and teachers. It contains information pertaining to child development, parenting and resources for teachers.

      Thanks to your blog, I am able to increase my knowledge when it comes to internet marketing. I understand that building a foundation within internet marketing will allow me to reach masses with my content. Thank you for your help!

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