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My name is Rhandell Mitchell aka “The How to King”.

I’ve been marketing online for somewhere close to 10 years now. So when it comes to home based business opportunities, I have literally seen about everything there is under the sun.

Today though, I want to talk to you in this Pure Profit Pro review and help shed some light on the pros, the cons, and the potential IF you see an opportunity for yourself.

Pure Profit Pro Review

Pure Profit Pro Review

If you’re here looking for information on this business then that tells me that you’re looking for something.

I don’t know if you’re looking for supplemental income or not. Money to buy a new car and have more free time. Perhaps go on the first vacation that you’ve been on in years. Or maybe you’re just tired of working for somebody else, feeling unappreciated, and being paid less than you’re worth.

Whatever the case may be, this business can solve your problems and help you make your dreams a reality.

Now I’m not here to gas you up and tell you that this is going to be “push button easy” like a lot of others will.

It is simple… but I wouldn’t say that it’s easy. If it was, everyone would do it, wouldn’t they?

Pure Profit Pro Reviews – What Do I Have To Do?

Now here’s the deal. In the home business industry most people join these opportunities with false expectations as to what is required of them in order to be successful.

You must, you must, you must…. Be okay with talking to people!

Now I’m not saying that you have to dress up and go chase people around at WalMart like they used to teach people to do in the old school MLM companies (this is NOT MLM by the way).

What I am saying is that you have to get comfortable on the phone. Because if you really want to make the most money possible, you’re going to be returning a lot of phone calls.

What so many fail to realize and also convey to their prospects is that Pure Profit Pro is a relationship building business. People aren’t just joining the opportunity, they’re joining you.

The Misconception With Internet Marketing

A lot of internet marketers try and downplay the necessity for picking up the phone and getting to know people. If you’re wanting a business where ALL you have to do is run some ads and watch the signups roll in then you’re probably not going to do very well.

Not to say that you won’t get any sales this way, but this business is about 2 things primarily

1.) Recruiting

2.) Training

In order for you to train your people you’re going to have to allocate some time to sit down with them and show them the way. Otherwise the only sales you’ll ever make are direct sales.

And the Pure Profit Pro Compensation Plan is much more than just direct sales. Go back and click on the link I just left you to review the compensation plan.

How to Find People To Join You in Pure Profit Pro

The answer is very simple – advertise.

But how should you advertise?
And where?

Well, there’s a bunch of different ways to advertise. I’m not going to go into great detail here in this article about how to do it – but I will share a few strategies that you could use below.

  • Talk to people. Yes, I said talk to people – it’s simple, and it’s free.
  • Newspaper Classifieds
  • Magazine Ads
  • Road Signs
  • Drop Cards
  • Postcards
  • Solo Ads (Email Marketing)
  • Social Media
  • Pay Per Click
  • Banner Advertising
  • Video Marketing

That’s 11 of many other ways for you to get yourself out there that I came up with right off the top of my head.

In Closing

I wrote this review of Pure Profit Pro in order to help you, as a member – or as someone looking to join, know what to expect in advance.

It’s not so much about which method you choose as it is finding the one that works for you, and that’s most sustainable for you.

If you’re only earning minimum wage then realistically looking to do full page magazine ads is probably not the most sustainable method for you.

So find what you can do within your means and just take massive action!

I didn’t take the time put a lot of details about the Pure Profit Pro Products and all of that in this article because I wanted focus more on you having realistic expectations and knowing what to expect.

If you’d like to see a full Pure Profit Pro review you can check out this video below:


Final thoughts...

To build a successful Pure Profit Pro business the main things that you need to focus on are:

  1. What do I need to do?
  2. Am I willing to do what it takes?
  3. Am I comfortable dealing with people?
  4. Am I comfortable training people to do what I do?
  5. Follow the system.


You see, there's already a system in place. The Pure Profit Pro website does a large majority of the heavy lifting for you. So if you can learn how to push as many people to the presentation as possible on a daily basis you'll have a good chance at seeing success.

For more information about the business simply click on the image below, or if you have questions you can call me on the number that's also on the image below (please text first).

Hopefully you found a little value in this article today. Thanks for reading this Pure Profit Pro Review.


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