Hey, it’s Rhandell.

Just wanted to put up a quick blog post with some new Pure Profit Pro Proof.

Nothing to get excited about, but an extra $1500 can definitely pay most people’s mortgage or a few other bills.

Pure Profit Pro Proof

Why Show Proof?

Sometimes it’s important to go ahead and show people that what you’re doing works.

If you want people to join you in Pure Profit Pro or any other programs that you promote there’s really no better way to gain someone’s attention than to show them that what you’re doing is working.

Why aren’t more people promoting home based businesses?

I think one major reason why more people aren’t promoting their own home based businesses is because of the stigma behind the internet and network marketing.

Some people believe that everything that’s not a regular job is a scam. That’s unfortunate because there is really a lot of money to be made online, especially with programs like Pure Profit Pro.

I personally have never cared much for what other people think. You can’t pay bills with “opinions”.

So if you see value in Pure Profit Pro or another program like it I’d recommend you getting involved and giving it everything that you have!

How to Market Pure Profit Pro

One common question that I’m frequently asked is how should someone promote the Pure Profit Pro business.

I always tell people that there are a couple of factors that come in play before you focus on your marketing strategies. The first of which is whether you more money than time or more time than money.

Obviously if you have a lot of free time then you can do more “hands on” forms of advertising like content marketing (if that’s what you like).

Or, if you have more money than time then paid advertising is probably going to be a better route for you.

Now there is one major caveat that most marketers don’t tell you prior to getting involved in online marketing, and that is this – you need to be building your list!

What Your Sponsor Didn’t Tell You Before You Joined

As I mentioned, if you want to do paid advertising then you should really spend the majority of your time building an email list.

Here’s why.

If you’re not building an email list then that means people are only going to see what you have one time in most cases.

Unfortunately, 99% of the people who see your opportunity are not going to join the very first time that they see it.

This means that you’re going to need a tool that allows you to follow up.

I’d say that 9 out of 10 internet marketers use Aweber.
(that’s what I use too…)

Another tool that I recommend using if you’re looking to build a contact list is The Conversion Pros.

This tool offers a lot more than just email marketing and help you keep your costs down as it offers many different key tools that every internet marketer needs.

No time to go into that right now, but you can click the link to learn more about it.

How to Make 6 Figures in Pure Profit Pro

So you want to make $100,000 with Pure Profit Pro?

Here’s how to do it.

Start promoting your business like a maniac!

This will require you to eat, sleep, and breath your business.

But the cool thing is this… you only need 100 sales at the $1000 level to earn 6 figures.

I know a lot of people could probably do this on their own.

However, the Pure Profit Pro Compensation Plan has leverage built in with the One Up Compensation Plan. So you don’t even have to go out and recruit all 100 people on your own.

In a perfect world you could earn 100k from just enrolling 2 people into Pure Profit Pro.

Be sure to click on the link for the compensation plan to learn how this all works.

Pure Profit Pro Training

Another thing people always want to know is whether or not they will receive training.

The short answer – absolutely.

When you join me in Pure Profit Pro that will gain you access to the Time Freedom Mastermind Alliance. The #1 team in Pure Profit Pro.

Also, you’ll gain access to my own personal mentorship and training and I’ll share the exact formula that I used to earn $6,000 in the first week of this month (June 2016).

I’m tired of writing right now though… (lol)

So click on the banner below to learn more about Pure Profit Pro.

Pure Profit Pro Proof


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