What is Now Lifestyle?

In this article I want to do my best to explain that for you…

In case you were wondering if Now Lifestyle was a scam, it depends on who you ask.

If you’re talking to someone who’s broke and skeptical, it’s possible they’ll say yes.

If you’re dealing with someone who is motivated and driven, they’d probably tell you it’s a great opportunity.

Regardless, it’ll require some work if you do join the business. So if you’re looking for one of those – join and make money with no effort programs – this ain’t it!

Now Lifestyle Review

Now Lifestyle Review – The Man Behind The Program

So a few days ago I stumbled across Now Lifestyle on YouTube and decided to do a little research.

I saw someone I knew who was promoting it and decided to create a free account so I could take a look inside.

Once I entered the back office I was immediately impressed with the aesthetics of the website. Very clean – professional.

Then I started to go through the getting started training, and that’s when I realized that this company actually had something that I wanted – Vision and Passion!

Now Lifestyle Owner Joel Therien

joel therien
Joel Therien – CEO of NowLifestyle.com

The owner of Now Lifestyle is named Joel Therien, and he’s no newbie when it comes to internet marketing.

For those of you familiar with the online biz opp space, Joel is known for popular programs and software like HostThenProfit, PureLeverage, GVO, and a few others.

Over the last 20 years or so Joel has built a huge business online – and paid out over $100,000,000 in commissions to the members of his programs throughout the years.

Clearly, from looking at Joel’s picture, there’s no question that Joel is a practitioner of physical fitness.

Which is exactly what got my attention when looking into Now Lifestyle because not only was the program focused on how to make money online, but also how to take better care of your body and get into peak physical condition.

Instead of trying to explain it all to you in one blog post, the easiest way for you to see the vision behind Now Lifestyle is by clicking on the button below and creating yourself a free account. You can also watch the 15 minute video there on the same page.

create my account

Now Lifestyle Products

The product line for Now Lifestyle is pretty unique. It's actually a digital business, and a tangible business all wrapped into one.

The digital side of the business entails the Now Lifestyle Lead Capture System and Autoresponder. The 7 Minute Workout training series with workout videos that are customized for you individually based on your age, height, body weight, etc. And there're also the Now Lifestyle University.

You can learn more about the specifics of each product by creating a free account here:

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The Tangible Products

There's also going to be a line of proprietary Now Lifestyle Supplements available this fall. These supplements will include dietary fiber, whey protein, and more.

The ability to earn on both digital and tangible products in my own personal opinion was a home run.

Everything about this opportunity is fresh, unique, and different - EXACTLY what the home biz niche needs right now!

The Now Lifestyle Compensation Plan Overview

The Now Lifestyle Compensation Plan pays out 50% upfront commissions and the other 40% goes to the binary.

So it's sort of a hybrid compensation plan, but the bulk of the money that you'll earn will come from the binary, should you decide to build a large team.

The video below will do a better job than I ever could explaining the NLS comp plan, so if you want to learn more about how the money works you can watch the video now by clicking anywhere on the video.

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Now Lifestyle Reviews - Why Do Some Call It A Scam?

If you've read any of my articles before I've explained it time and again why some people write articles about a program and call it a scam.

For example, if you were to go and Google - Now Lifestyle Scam what you'd find is that 99% of the articles that you've found were in all actuality just "click bait."

People use this form of marketing in order to lure in new visitors in hopes of generating leads.

Some do it in a more subtle way (like me) by telling people that the program is not a scam - others - they prefer to actually portray everything in the universe as a scam; except of course, their own program.

Final Thoughts

If you're someone who makes your health a priority in your life then Now Lifestyle is definitely worth taking a look at.

The free education being given away inside of the members area when you create a free account is truly powerful. I've already acted on one of the ideas given in the free training and looking forward to sharing my results soon.

I decided to get involved with this thing because at the time of this writing I am dangerously overweight at 330 pounds.

So to me, this is more than a business opportunity, it's a chance to make a change in my own life and potentially in the lives of others.

So if you're looking to get into shape both physically as well as financially I definitely urge you to click on the button below to create a free account and learn more about this Now Lifestyle thing.

My contact info is also below if you have any questions.

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