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Can Magnetic Sponsoring Help Your Business?

Hey Friends,

While I sit here enjoying some unhealthy grape soda and listening to my son in the distant background singing a Sesame Street song so loudly that I’m partially in question if he may someday need Ritalin…

A thought emerged tonight in my mind about the whole magnetic sponsoring craze and the principle behind it. If you are not familiar with the term, then you more than likely will not be familiar with the concept either.

The concept of magnetic sponsoring was created in relation to the Network Marketing industry to explain the concept of how Attraction Marketing works. To put in laymen’s terms, attraction marketing is simply the concept of getting prospects interested in contacting and asking to join YOU in your business – Not you chasing them and begging them to join your opportunity.

So now that you have a better understanding of what Magnetic Sponsoring is, I want to tell you my opinion of what I considered it to be the first time that I read it…. BULLSHIT!

Now I apologize if I’ve offended you with my ‘cuss word’ but at the time of this writing I was still struggling with sin and had not yet conquered the occasional ‘cuss word’ from time to time. Fortunately for you, (if you are still here) I will not drop another BS bomb on you for the duration of this post so you are safe now. (I have also already asked God for forgiveness – so don’t judge me…)

Now as I was saying… I thought that the book was a bunch of crap – Simply a bunch of hype, set between 40-50 pages of triple spaced, large fonted fluff. I felt like the concepts that were being spoken about just didn’t make sense. (Remember I said this was the first time I read it)

Despite my impregnable opinion, I decided not to tape a picture of Mike Dillard to my Magnetic Sponsoring book and throw darts at it for recreation. Instead, I left it to collect at least 2 years of dust on the bookshelf with all of the other “useless” books I’ve purchased over the last 4 to 5 years on personal development.

Two years or so after first buying the book….

I continue to seek out ways to make money in network marketing as well as online. Eventually I get exposed to a company called MyLeadSystemPro – Unfortunately this too I pushed to the side for as long as I possibly could, but it wouldn’t last long.

Fast forward to 2008-2009 – During this time I started noticing more and more people promoting a “system” that will help you build your network marketing business. I also started noticing that while these were different people they were all using similar websites  to promote themselves. What I came to find was that all of these people CONSTANTLY were referring to the attraction marketing concept and the 7 Day Bootcamp.

They all continuously said how Mike Dillard is the father of attraction marketing and how if you have not read the book Magnetic Sponsoring that you’re doing yourself a disservice. Having already read the book and not being satisfied with the content, I listened for quite some time – BUT – I did not hear what all of these successful marketers were trying to tell me.

At some point I read the book again a second time, now while the second time around I did not really get anything out of it then either, I started to truly believe that there had to be something in that book that I was missing. I mean literally every single 6 figure earner I know of online has said at least once that you need to read that book.

So I finally read Magnetic Sponsoring a third time

Oddly enough, on my third time reading the book I’d been online for a few years and had learned a lot of new things that I at first didn’t understand. The book seemingly had an entirely different message this time around. This time after learning more about the industry the book did not seem to have quite so many “esoteric” terms inside.

I finally started to grasp what was being said and it has had a major impact on the way I market my businesses online, how I promote myself while marketing, and also my mindset as well.

Final conclusion on Magnetic Sponsoring

At this point, I too am an avid believer in the book and the teachings of Mike Dillard. I’m glad that I invested in myself to learn the strategies that can catapult me from where I am to where I want to be in my network marketing business as well as online.

So if you have never read the book I truly urge you to get your hands on it and absorb the information like a sponge. It may take you a few times to “get it” like it did for me. But once you do, you will start to see a huge difference in how you go about building your network marketing business, and you’ll also go from an attitude of lack and desperation to an attitude of abundance.

See you on the next blog!

Rhandell Mitchell
Thanks for reading!

Rhandell Mitchell

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