So you wanna know how to make money on Instagram?

I can’t promise you anything, but I can guarantee that you will be 10x closer to making money on Instagram after you read this article than you were when you got here!

How to Make Money On Instagram

How to Make Money On Instagram

Before you even take anything into consideration when it comes to Instagram – you must have followers!

So how many followers does it take to make money on Instagram?

There are a lot of different ways to gain a following on IG. That’s what I want to teach you in this article.

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Before we go into detail about how to build a following on Instagram though, how about I first teach a few of the things NOT to do on Instagram if you want to learn how to make money.

  • 1

    You Must Have Pictures!

    Instagram is a visual platform. Therefore, you must have pictures. Whether they are pics of you, motivational or funny memes, whatever... Just have something there for people to see!

  • 2

    Do NOT Use Instagram to SPAM Your Business or Service

    There's only 2 ways to use Instagram - the right way & the wrong way! Your goal on Instagram before anything else is to get people's attention. Spamming will only alienate you... so don't do it!!!

  • 3

    Never DM Anyone Your Links Without Permission

    If you're in a home based business or something like that, never Direct Message people on Instagram with your links in the message without their permission. That's an easy way to get your account shut down (and unfollowed).

  • 4

    Don't Post Pics About Your Company All Day Long

    If you're in a Network Marketing business for example, you don't want to seem one-dimensional by only posting pics about your business. Your potential prospects will see you coming a mile away. And it's just annoying...

  • 5

    Go Easy On The Automated Software!

    Obviously your goal on Instagram is to build a huge following as fast as you possibly can. To accomplish this a lot of people use automation software (which Instagram hates). If you do decide to go this route, be sure to add new friends 'sparingly' or risk having your account banned.

These 5 items above you want to avoid like the plague if you seriously want learn how to make money on Instagram.

I know what you're thinking, "so what should I be doing then?"

It's simple really...

Be a person of value!

How to Build Your Credibility on Instagram

In order to get your Instagram followers interested in who you are you have two options:

A.) You better have an amazing body that you show off in your pics


B.) You have to become a problem solver/motivator

In most cases your best option will be B.) - No disrepect... 😜

That's just how it is if you're serious to learn how to make money on Instagram.

So How Many Followers Will It Take Before I Make Any Money?

Actually this is a loaded question.

The answer will vary from person to person, market to market, etc.

For example, if you sell Intel Computer processors your mass appeal may not be as wide as someone who sells "weight loss" for example.

Make sense?

Also, what you really want is "quality over quantity" when it comes to building your Instagram following.

Going back to the weight loss example:

You wouldn't want to add a bunch of gym rats and fitness junkies if you're trying sell a weight loss product on Instagram. Catch my drift?

This is called identifying your target market.

So How Much Money Can You Make On Instagram?

That's really left to your imagination.

If you have a high ticket business that pays substantial commissions you could easily earn 6 figures in 2017 using Instagram.

Building a following on Instagram will help you, but if you can't convert any of them into leads for your business what good is your following?

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I believe it will put you on the fast track for how to make money on Instagram.

Thanks for reading. And good luck making money on IG!

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