One of the things I’ve learned in my short time here on this Earth, is that whatever you’re going through is typically always your fault.

Yes, people die – and sometimes natural disaster may strike. But for the most part, everything else is your own fault!

So you get into a car accident. You’re pissed because your new ride is all smashed up, then you take a few minutes to think how exactly did this happen?!

While you’re looking back over your day you realize that you were running late this morning.

Instead of waking up at your normal time you hit the snooze button on your alarm 3 extra times. So before you even started your day, you were 30 minutes behind.

Now that you’re already running late, you aren’t thinking clearly.

You’re frustrated that you have to rush to get everything done and when you finally head out the door now you have to speed on your way to work so that nagging boss of yours doesn’t try to write you up for being late – again.

What If You Would Have Left On Time?

Had you actually awoken when you normally do, would you have still been in that accident? Obviously it’s impossible to say, but the odds are that you probably would not have.

So in essence, it’s your fault that you got into the car wreck.

You can blame it on the other driver.

You can blame it on the fog.

Or the road conditions.

But at the end of the day, if you want to take responsibility for your own life – you have to be willing to admit that it was your own actions, that created the chain of events that led to you being in a car wreck. Not to mention you missed work altogether, now.

What Are You Putting Off On Other People

For me personally, April and May have both been two pretty shitty months for me. However, I know that everything that took place is all a result of my own thinking, and doing.

Until you get to the point where you can go and look in the mirror instead of pointing fingers when you have problems you’ll always have a hard time coming out of difficult situations.

So if this is you, it’s time for you to start doing some self-evaluation. Otherwise you’re gonna be stuck up Schitt’s Creek without a paddle. Seriously.

Nobody Is Coming To Save You!

The idea of depending on other people to help create change in your life is bullshit. Nobody is gonna come and save you! Hell, most people can barely save themselves.

It’s like when one person is about to drown and another person wants to save them – but they can’t swim!

Now instead of one person struggling for help needing to be saved, there’s two! Ultimately, you both are going to drown…

So instead of waiting and wishing…

Dreaming and hoping…

You’re gonna have to take some ACTION my friend.

Not even God will come and save you if you aren’t willing to take the action to meet Him/Her halfway.

So this is just me thinking out loud.

Mainly speaking to my own situations.

I just felt that by you reading this maybe you could relate?

Nobody is going to come and save you.

And whatever it is that you deal with on a day to day basis is 95% of the time always going to be YOUR fault.

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