There are a lot of people out there with fake facebook profiles. The actual number of fake accounts is unknown, but I’m sure it’s in the millions.

Today I’ll reveal a simple trick you can use whenever you suspect that you may have received a friend request from a catfish facebook profile.

Fake Facebook Profiles

If you prefer to watch the video I made about how to spot fake Facebook profiles all you have to do is scroll down a little and find the video.

Fake Facebook Profiles – How to Spot One The Easy Way

The simple way to spot a fake facebook profile is to make sure you’re using Google Chrome.

Next, you’re going to find the photograph in question and then right click on the image. When you do this you’ll see a list of options. The final option will be to “search for this image on google”.

After you do that you’ll be taken to Google where you’ll find all of the webpages that have the image you clicked.

Just by reading some of the websites that the image is attached to will help give you some insight as to whether you’re dealing with a legitimate person or if it’s just another fake facebook profile.

You could also find out a little more about some of the things that people you know are associated with online as well. Do so at your own risk!

YouTube Video On Spotting Fake Facebook Profiles

If you’ve ever seen Catfish The TV Show then you already know the damage someone can do with fake facebook profiles. So hopefully now that you’ve read this article you now feel better knowing that you have a way to check and be sure that whomever contacts you is legit.

Now you’re equipped with a new trick to check in on anybody online who may be in question. I hope you have fun with this tip and go out there and find yourself some fake facebook profiles!

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Fake Facebook Profiles

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