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More like Get a Job!!!

So the other day a friend of mine sends me a link to a YouTube video from this guy named FAJOB on YouTube. I didn’t know it at first, but that stood for “Fuck a Job”.

Professional, right?

So I watch his YouTube videos and figured I’d drop the $199 he was charging to learn some CPA Marketing strategies in so called Internet Marketing Survival Kit

Immediately after purchasing the videos I was redirected this page http://bestinternetmarketingsurvivalkit(dot)weebly(dot)com/ – You have to enter the .’s yourself because I didn’t want to do this shithead the justice of having a backlink from my website. (That’s what I paid $200 for. Now it’s yours for free)

Now here’s what really pissed me off….

Everything On The Page Was Already On His YouTube Channel!

Now I’m not quite sure what made him think it was okay to sell me some videos that I already watched on his YouTube channel, but that’s EXACTLY what he did.

Not only that… but he also is giving away a free house flipping course as a bonus THAT’S NOT EVEN HIS!!!

So he took other people’s videos off of YouTube and is selling their material (more than likely without their knowledge). I’m pretty sure that’s probably not legal.


I seriously can’t get over this guy.

In his video Mr. FAJOB said that he is making $30,000 per month with his strategies. Yet, unlike 99.9% of all other internet marketers he shows ZERO PROOF.

Now here’s what really pissed me off…

FAJOB – Paypal Dispute Gone Wild

So after I paid $200 for a bunch of videos I had already watched, I decided to file a dispute with Paypal.

If you’ve ever had a dispute through Paypal you already know that they encourage you to have correspondence with the seller prior to upgrading the dispute to a claim.

So FAJOB and myself spoke back and forth a little bit and he agreed to send me a refund.

Conveniently enough, he “claimed” that the money was on HOLD and that Paypal would not allow him to process the refund until the hold was removed.

He said to either remove the hold or call Paypal.

Paypal’s terms said that if you remove the hold the dispute could not be escalated to a claim, so I was suspect about that. So I chose to call Paypal instead.

Even though our chat history mentioned that he was going to send me a refund, Paypal would not release the funds and told me that I had to upgrade it to a claim so that he could process the refund on his end.

FAJOB Scammed Me – Look At This Proof

So this is where things took a turn for the worst.

First off, when it was in dispute status he could have refunded me at any point, but he lied and said the funds were locked on his end.

Paypal told me that was a lie.

Look at this picture PROVING that he was “supposed to send me a refund.


So what you’re seeing above is where FAJOB was trying to convince me not to do the refund. I said I was going to pass, at which time he says, “As you wish”. (He had also agreed to refund me through the PayPal email as well).

It was at this time that he began stalling when it came to processing the refund. He kept saying PayPal had it on hold and that he couldn’t release it. Even though they said otherwise.

Look at him making his excuses below:


So above he’s feeding me a bunch of bullshit as to why he can’t send it. All the while knowing that he just doesn’t want to honor his word. It was around this time that the stupid bitch at PayPal told me they couldn’t release the refund even though THEY COULD SEE IT IN WRITING where he said he couldn’t release it because PayPal had it on hold.

Then she told me she was going to escalate it to a claim.

30 minutes later I got a response saying I LOST THE CLAIM!!!

I’ve had to deal with PayPal claims in the past. Sometimes they can take months. But for whatever reason, today they decided that they were going to cancel this claim in 30 fucking minutes!!!!

I was livid!!!!

FAJOB Scam – Watch How He Went MIA

So all the while we’ve been discussing him sending my $199 back for his bullshit program. Then PayPal went and fucked me and awarded the claim in his favor.

Mind you I never even got to submit ANY of my evidence before they did this.

So once they awarded him the claim I emailed him on Facebook multiple times and he hit me with the infamous “Seen” in the inbox.

FAJOB David Robertson

So ironically for the last 8 hours he’s “seen” all of my messages on Facebook but NO REFUND in sight.

Little does he know that after they awarded him the claim I called PayPal and talked to the disputes department and won an appeal.

So in 72 hours I’ll be finding out if I get my money back or not. I think it’s in my favor since I got the appeal.

But either way, at the end of the day it’s only $199 – but it’s the principle.

I bet FAJOB didn’t have a clue that I’m an SEO Ninja and WILL rank this FAJOB SCAM ARTICLE on the search engines with his brand name.

He fucked with the wrong one this time….

He had the nerve to say he makes $30,000 a month from home. Now is this seriously the type of shit somebody who makes 30k a month does over $200?

I don’t know…

All I know is if I don’t win the PayPal dispute he’s gonna have some bad karma regardless.

So I just wanted to let it be known, that if you’ve seen David Robertson aka FAJOB and thought about buying his stuff – don’t.

Unless you want to pay a bunch of money for a bunch of free shit that’s public on YouTube.

Beware of David Robertson aka FAJOB


    2 replies to "FAJOB aka David Robertson is a SCAMMER. Buyer Beware!!"

    • Melissa

      I have been following this guy for months, and just recently, like last Thursday, pd the $. Wish I had seen this before i pd. I have talked to him over the phone and messenger. He gave me a list to go by I started watching the videos, opened some accounts like adworks (?) but I really have no idea how to start. he says watch the videos..done. But still no direction. Do not think I will pay again next month

    • Carlos

      Hey how is it going . I’m so happy I found this I been a student of this guy for a month and he is basically doing things you already talk about. So I won’t get to it the point is he is not doing what he said he will do .Is there anyway I can contact you?

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