Thinking about joining Direct Pay System?

Is there really money to be made selling $2000-$3000 products on the Internet?

In case you didn’t know… The answer is a resounding YES!

It is my intention to earn an additional $75,000-$100,000 in 2014 – or something better!

Direct Pay System Overview

Direct Pay System is an Internet-based home business that offers its clients marketing resources, training resources, and software tools.

The Direct Pay System is what is widely known among Internet marketers as a top-tier program, also known as “big ticket”.

A lot of the top marketers on the internet today have roots in the big-ticket arena online. It is important to note that while we commonly refer to programs being internet-based, they can still be promoted through offline marketing as well.

DPS Affiliates

DPS members get started for a one-time fee ranging anywhere from $400 all the way to $3200 to become an independent business owner.

80% of all sales that you generate personally come to you and the other 20% passes up to your enroller.

So while the compensation plan is not a multi level marketing compensation plan, there is still plenty of leverage for affiliates to earn some really nice commissions every month.

We won’t get completely into the Direct Pay System compensation plan in this particular article so make sure that you click this link to learn more about the Direct Pay System comp plan.

Direct Pay System Review

Something to keep in mind for all of you network marketers and internet marketers who found this page is that it takes the same amount of effort in your marketing to generate a $25 sale as it does to generate a $2500 sale.

This is the exact logic that has forced me to reevaluate my priorities as an internet marketer.


Being completely transparent with you, most people get involved in business opportunities and then they quit.

One big reason that people get involved in programs and then quit so quickly was because the cost of entry was so low they feel they have nothing to lose.

In contrast, when an individual gets involved in a “big ticket” program they have more skin in the game so to speak.

This almost ensures that their desire to win will be a lot stronger than someone who only shelled out $20 to start a program and quits because they haven’t seen the success that they were after in 10 days.

Are you guaranteed to make money in Direct Pay System?

Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to say whether or not you will or you won’t. Mainly because I’m unaware of your work ethic and if you’re willing to follow simple instructions.

So that’s really all up to you my friend…

All I know is, that my teammates and I are going to be treating the Direct Pay System as if it were a Fortune 500 company in 2014 and beyond.

My advice… is that you should too.

Enroll now I’ll give you as a bonus 5000 business opportunity seeker leads on my dime. Not only that, I’ll also give you one free solo ad to help you get your business rolling.

But wait there’s more…

Sign up today at the GOLD level or above – and I’ll also give you one FREE blast to your Direct Pay System website out to thousands of people in my voice broadcasting and text broadcasting campaigns.

How’s that sound?

To your success,
Rhandell Mitchell

Direct Pay System



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