Last night I was watching TD Jakes and he was talking to another guy by the name of Van Moody. Van Moody used a term that I’ve come to grow fond of called, “Iron Sharpens Iron”.

What does that mean?

It means that if you hang with a zero you cannot possibly grow at all! Why not? Because zero multiplied by anything is always zero. (Hopefully you caught that)

In layman’s terms it simply means this:

Get your ass around people that are going somewhere if you want to do the same.

Do you think Lebron James would get any better by playing Peyton Manning at one on one or playing with Kobe Bryant?

Iron Sharpens Iron…

Find yourself a mentor

Don’t get this confused, you don’t have to know a person personally and meet with them on a daily basis in order for them to be a mentor to you.

If you can find someone that has lots of content out there who can teach you more about your field of study then they can easily be a mentor to you.

Your mentor can be found in books, audios, or even on YouTube.

You’d be surprised at the value that you can find on YouTube for absolutely free. Unfortunately, most people don’t value free information. If they did then there would be more than just 3% of American society that owns a library card.

Anyway, the information is out there free for the taking. The real question is….. are you going to use it?

Check out this video by Russell Simmons sharing his wisdom.

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