Sometimes I have things on my mind that would probably fare better in a journal or a diary.

But, since this is MY blog, why not go ahead and express my concerns here – for the world to see…

Today has been a day of self-reflection for me. I have not eaten in almost 24 hours, and while I am very hungry, I feel that it’s given me a different level of mental clarity.

The question that I’ve been asking myself all day today is this – what’s it gonna take for you to live your dreams?

What Are You Willing to Sacrifice?

About 3 months ago I shut my cable off. It’s been a painful process. Mainly because I used to watch TV ALL DAY LONG… Even when I was “working” my online business – I was watching TV.

The difference now is I get a whole lot more work done.

But the sacrifice was one that many people aren’t willing to make.

There’s a reason why they call it “programming.”

My mother is a great example. While I love my mother dearly, she spends entirely TOO MUCH time watching television.

I personally feel she believes she’s past the point of no return on being able to live her dreams. That is unless she comes upon an unexpected windfall via the lottery or Publishers Clearing House.

That makes me pretty sad…

But one of the smartest things we can do as human beings is recognize early on that we really cannot change another human being. No matter how bad we’d like to – it’s just not our place.

So again, I ask you … what is it that you are willing to give up? What are you willing to sacrifice in order to live your dreams?

How CLEAR Are You On Your Goals?

Everybody has goals.

But how clear are they? You know you want a nicer car… but what’s the year, make and model?

You know you want to have a bigger house… but what neighborhood, how many bedrooms, ranch style or 2 story? You follow me?

We have to get crystal clear on our goals in order to strengthen the desire.

Today I opened up and read a chapter out of an oldie but goodie – Think and Grow Rich. If you don’t have it, I recommend you go and buy it immediately after reading this article.

The first chapter is all about DESIRE – THE STARTING POINT OF ALL ACHIEVEMENT.

But don’t we ALL have desires? Of course we do.

What we don’t all have is A BURNING DESIRE.

The author states that you must have an all-consuming desire for achievement. You must become obsessed with that which you seek if you want to see it come to fruition.

But it’s more than just hocus pocus… you can’t wish your way into a new car. Nor can you wish your way into a new home. There’s one crucial thing you must have in order to accomplish what you set after…

What Is Your Vehicle To Attain Your Material Goals?

Most people are materialistic, regardless of what they tell you.

It’s just in our DNA…

We see someone with something that’s better than we have and we feel it’s time for an upgrade. That’s just the way us crazy humans are.

Million Dollar Dreams on a Minimum Wage Salary

Here’s a major problem with a large majority of society.

I’m going to be extremely unrealistic here and say you make $100 an hour.

Your biggest goal in life is to make $1,000,000 dollars in a calendar year. So let’s see what it would take on the job.

$100 an hour x 8 (the average daily shift) equals $800 per day.

There’s 365 days in a year. So saying you’re a true workaholic and you work every single day for an entire year for 8 hours daily making $100 an hour – that equates to $800 per day x 365 days = That comes up to $292,000 for the year. Not bad….

But let’s not forget that now you have to pay state taxes, federal taxes, fica, and social security.

Now after the government hands your ass back to you they’ve taken roughly 30% of your hard earned $292,000.

30% of $292,000 is $87,600. Subtracted from $292,000, now you’re left with $204,400 after taxes. Looks like your dream of making a million in a calendar year is almost impossible.

All things being equal… if you worked 16 hours per day we’d double the $292,000 and get $584,000… but then you’d also have to double the $87,600 and get $175,200. Subtract the $175,200 from your $584,000 and you’re left with $408,000 after taxes.

Needless to say, it’s impossible to earn a million dollars on $100 per hour. And yes, I know I didn’t include time and a half… I just thought about it now… but trust me, it still won’t equal a million bucks.

So what do you really need?

Your Vehicle To Accomplish Your Goals

Famous philosopher and motivational speaker Jim Rohn is famous for saying, “Profits Are Better Than Wages.”

Rightfully so…

There is no limitation to the number of profits you can earn. However, there is definitely an income ceiling at the typical job. Now if your goal is to shoot for the moon, you definitely won’t hit the moon or the stars on a fixed income.

You need leverage!

So How Do I Generate A Leveraged Income?


Now understand that when I say leverage, I’m not referring to PASSIVE income. Passive income is GREAT… but right now we’re focusing on how to get some PROFITS in your hand.

So what can you do to generate profits fast?

Internet Marketing.

This is a subject too vast to explain in a single blog post, but having a source of income where you can make money in your sleep is the real definition of leverage in my book.

The internet makes this possible. Let’s say you have an idea for a course you’d like to sell for example. Say you’re an awesome mechanic, and you want to teach other people how to fix their own cars instead of needing to go to a local mechanic.

You can put up a website and sell coaching…. or you could do prerecorded videos on different topics, different makes and models, etc.

Now you’ve done the work once, but every time someone goes online to purchase your training you’re making money no matter what. You could be anywhere in the world.

But as long as your website is online you have a virtual ATM machine.

THAT is how you hit your goals.

But maybe you don’t have any ideas or products of your own to sell.

No problem… you just sell OTHER people’s stuff!

This is known as affiliate marketing.

And it’s how I’ve gone from working at a burger joint, depressed, waiting tables. To having 1k, 2k, 3k, days. And you could be doing the exact same thing.

So Where Can I Learn More?

If you want to learn more about how to create your own economy without the need for over-controlling bosses, long commutes to and from work, co-workers that would throw you under the bus at any given moment to take your place, and doing a job that leaves you feeling unfulfilled…

Click on this link and learn how thousands are creating wealth on the internet.

And yes, I’m a REAL PERSON.

So should you decide you want to ask a few questions feel free to reach out. My contact info is on the image below.

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