Thanks for reading my Wealthy Affiliate Review. This article is long overdue, because there are some things I’d like to bring to the light.

Over the years I’ve picked up on a few business practices that in my opinion, are less than ethical, so I want to talk about them with you today.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?


Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing program that focuses on training people to learn and understand affiliate marketing.

The program has been around for a good while, a little over 10 years. If I’m not mistaken, I think I may even have enrolled for a trial period in my early days as an internet marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate is focused primarily on educating up and coming online marketers to understand the affiliate marketing space.

How Much Is Wealthy Affiliate?

The Wealthy Affiliate program offers a free 7 day trial to all prospective members. After your 7 day trial has expired the monthly fee is $50 a month.

I’d say $50 a month is a pretty reasonable fee to learn how to make a full-time living from home, wouldn’t you?

Their website says that they pay out over $1,000,000 in commissions annually to their affiliates.

Normally that would seem like a lot, but considering the program has been around for over 10 years, and is providing education in one of the most competitive niche markets on all of the internet – “Make Money Online” – you’d think that this number would be significantly higher.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews – Deceptive Business Practices?

With years of online marketing experience, I’ve noticed a common theme among many members of Wealthy Affiliate.

It actually makes me wonder if the marketing strategy I’m about to discuss is being taught to their members, because so many of them do it, that it seems like it has to be a part of their training “curriculum.”

So what exactly is this deceptive marketing tactic to which I refer?

Wealthy Affiliate Scam

It’s no secret there are plenty of unethical programs out there online. Some of them even downright criminal.

However,  for every 10 scam article reviews out there online – you can find 9 Wealthy Affiliate representatives who wrote them.

Now that last sentence was a bit of exaggeration, but let me explain to you exactly what I mean here.

Explanation of Wealthy Affiliate Reps Using Click Bait

If you didn’t already know, there’s a term online that’s used when people will do virtually anything to get you to click on their links – it’s called “Click Bait.”

In other words, people will write up an article for example with one of the follow titles:

“Company Name Review”
“Company Name Scam”
“Company Name Complaints”
“Don’t Join Company Name Before You Read This”


As far as the company names go, you can fill in the blanks.

But let’s take a well known company that’s stood the test of time. In this example I’ll use the company called LegalShield, just because I’m sure many of you are probably familiar with it.

LegalShield was once known as Pre-Paid Legal prior to their name change.

How It Works

Let’s say you were interested in learning more about the program LegalShield and decided to do a Google or YouTube search to learn more about it.

Anyone who knows SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can write whatever they want about LegalShield (or any other company) and get it to rank high in the search results – regardless if it’s an article like this, or a video.

Now you – the searcher – find an article titled “LegalShield Scam – Don’t Join LegalShield Without Reading This First!” (Please note – LegalShield is over 40 years old and definitely not a scam.)

Nonetheless, what you’ve just stumbled upon is not a factual representation of the LegalShield opportunity, but rather an attention getting piece of Click Bait.

Now that they’ve got your attention, now it’s time to completely bash the opportunity in which you were searching. Only to lead you to the ever so subtle transition that leads you to look at their company instead.

You Can’t Knock The Hustle

Now I’m not one to knock another man or woman’s hustle – but to write articles and make videos blatantly calling something a scam for your own personal gain is not ethical in my opinion.

Number one, you’re giving a good company a bad reputation that it doesn’t even deserve.

This strategy works extremely well on the feeble minded of the world. So much so, that someone who knows absolutely nothing about the opportunity in question will then go and continue to spread the malicious rumor that such and such company is a scam- with zero evidence on hand.

Why I Wrote This Wealthy Affiliate Review

That’s exactly why I decided to write this review of Wealthy Affiliate, because the business practices of some of their reps are less than exemplary.

Nowadays this method of marketing probably doesn’t get the same results as it used to because so many people are doing it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to using the word scam in my titles to get traffic.

But the difference between me and them is that I would NEVER knowingly call something a scam when I know for a fact that it is not.

Many of the Wealthy Affiliate representatives will tell an outright lie in their content to make you suspicious of the program in which you were interested. Then they will talk the Wealthy Affiliate program up as though it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

So whether you’re looking to join Wealthy Affiliate or not isn’t any of my concern.

What I’ve given you here in this article today is the gift of discernment.

Now you can go forward and have a better feel for what you’re reading the next time you find an article saying that XYZ Company is a scam.

So is Wealthy Affiliate a good program – maybe.

But so are the hundreds of other programs out there that have been called a scam by Wealthy Affiliate reps.

So use your own discretion in making a decision in what’s a good program – and what’s not.

Otherwise you might wind up missing out on a great opportunity.

My Recommendation

No matter what program you decide to promote, you’ll need to learn how to market to get results.

You can use some of these tools to promote your WA biz.

No matter if you’re trying to sell affiliate products or sell business opportunities. Marketing is the name of the game. And the determining factor of whether you’ll see success.

I personally prefer top tier programs that allow you to earn larger commissions with the same amount of work.

Remember this… the same money you spend in advertising to generate a $20 sale can also generate a $2000 sale.

With that said, if you’d like to learn how to get the most out of your advertising efforts, click the image below to learn more about our exciting high ticket business.

Thanks for taking time to read this Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

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