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U-Economy Review

UEconomy Review – The Company

U-Economy is an online business that was founded by a gentleman named Peter Wolfing in May of 2017.

Peter Wolfing is no stranger to home based business. He has an extensive background in the network marketing industry dating all the way back to the 1980’s, and has created a number of successful programs over the years.

After becoming a leader in the network marketing industry Peter was sought out by many for training and advice. This ultimately led to him starting his own company Multiplex Systems, Inc. back in 1998.

Since then, Peter’s companies have grown to over 1.6 million distributors. His companies have also paid out a staggering 400+ million dollars in commissions to their representatives.

So if you were wondering who started the company and whether they knew what they were doing – now you know. U-Economy is in great hands!

U-Economy – Stuff You Oughta Know

Stick with me and I promise I’ll explain the products and the compensation plan, etc. However, if you want to thrive in UEconomy then it’s imperative that you pay close attention to the following keys:

  • 1

    You Won't Make Big Money Without Advertising

    U-Economy ranges from $25 all the way up to $50,000. Sales at the U-Marketplace level pay 95% commissions. U-Academy sales are 100% commission. If you want to make the big sales then you have to do big advertising. There's no way around it.

Everybody wants to make money when they join a new business, but not everybody wants to treat their business like a real business.

If McDonald’s or Wendy’s launches a new product what is the first thing they do?
They advertise it!

If they didn’t let the world know they had a new product everyone would naturally assume they just had their normal old products – and that doesn’t lead to an increase in sales.

CLUE: Put more eyeballs on your business.

You can use social media until you’re blue in the face, but that’s very time consuming.

If you want to have people looking at your U-Economy business even when you sleep then you’ll have to learn how to advertise.

My Advice: Learn your numbers. How much can you comfortably afford to spend on your business every week in advertising? Are you already an experienced marketer? Or are you just getting started? 

Remember… you don’t have to become a marketing master right out of the gate. But if you want to get results fast, it’s in your best interest to start marketing your business with paid ads sooner rather than later.

  • 2

    Are There Any Hidden Costs To Build Your U-Economy Business?

    If the person you're planning on joining has not told you this then they likely aren't out for your best interest. These are things every new person must know in advance to have the best chance at success.

One thing I don’t like is “gotchas”…

Like the fact that people are saying U-Economy pays 100% commissions even though there’s a 5% transaction fee (on the U-Marketplace.)

I don’t know about you… but to me, clarity is important.

If I’m planning to do business with someone I expect that person to lay it to me straight. I want them to tell me about any and all relevant expenditures outside of what is mentioned in the company sales videos, etc.

Which is exactly why I hope you can appreciate the time I’ve taken here today to explain this all to you.😉


Let’s take a break on this for a few minutes and talk about the products and the U-Economy compensation plan. After that we’ll come back to your anticipated monthly marketing expenses, as well as a few solid sources to find leads.

UEconomy Reviews – The Product Packages

The reason U-Economy is going to be so big is because there’s literally something for everyone.

Starting out you have the lower tier products, also called the U-Marketplace. You also have a higher tiered product line that falls under the U-Academy. Finally, you have the opportunity to earn monthly residual income through the U-Crew system.

Again, that looks something like this:

  • U-Marketplace Product packages from $25 - $500 (leverage)
  • U-Academy Product packages from $1,500 - $50,000 (lifestyle)
  • U-Crew Mandatory $49.95 pays 12 levels deep - (legacy)

At the time of this writing, today is day number 3 of Pre-Launch, so the UEconomy Products are not yet added to the back office.

In comparison to some other high ticket programs out there I can appreciate the fact that Mr. Wolfing is taking his time to ensure U-Economy has a quality product.

Product Cost Breakdown & Comp Plan

  • U-Marketplace Product Package Levels
  • U-Marketplace Lite - $25 + $5 licensing fee
  • U-Marketplace Basic - $100 + $10 licensing fee
  • U-Marketplace Pro $250 + $25 licensing fee
  • U-Marketplace Enterprise $500 + $50 licensing fee
  • U-Academy Product Package Levels
  • U-Mentor - $1,500 + $149 licensing fee
  • U-Digital - $3,000 + $275 licensing fee
  • U-Brand - $6,000 + $395 licensing fee
  • U-Network - $12,000 + $795 licensing fee
  • U-Live - $25,000 + $1,395 licensing fee
  • U-Master - $50,000 + $1,995 licensing fee
  • U-Crew Residual Payment Breakdown
  • Level 1 - $7.00
  • Level 2 - $3.00
  • Level 3 - $3.00
  • Level 4 - $5.00
  • Level 5 - $2.00
  • Level 6 - $6.00
  • Level 7 - $7.00
  • Levels 8 through 12 will have specific qualification requirements
  • Level 8 - $2.00
  • Level 9 - $3.00
  • Level 10 - $2.00
  • Level 11 - $1.00
  • Level 12 - $1.00

More On the U-Economy Compensation Plan


The U-Economy comp plan is available worldwide and offers a Reverse 1Up compensation system.

It’s very similar to a 1Up compensation plan – the one main difference being you do not pass up your first sale. What makes this really cool is that you can break even on your first sale (minus 5%).

Now you’ve seen it works, you’ve earned almost all of your money back, and your confidence level is literally 10 times higher than it would be had you forfeited your first sale as with the traditional 1Up comp plan.

You literally cannot get faster than one!

7 Ways to Get Paid

There are 3 major areas of focus in the comp plan, but there are actually 7 different ways that you can earn income. The last 2 of them require special skills/qualifications, but I thought I’d list them anyway.

  • Direct Sales - sales YOU make.
  • Pass Up Sales - sales passed up from your team (to infinity)
  • Roll Up Sales - sales roll up when a member is not qualified at higher levels
  • Upgrades - any time a member upgrades to a higher level
  • Residual Income - get paid 12 levels deep on U-Crew sales
  • Coaching Sales - sales coaches earn 50% of all sales they close
  • U-Marketplace Teacher - sell your own info products inside the network

Leverage – Lifestyle – Legacy

  1. Leveraged Income
  2. Lifestyle Income
  3. and Legacy Income

Your leveraged income will come from the U-Marketplace. Lifestyle income will come from the high ticket U-Academy products. And your Legacy income will come from the monthly continuity of all U-Crew members within your organization.

Just in case you thought I forgot… let’s talk now about building your brand your monthly expenses.

U-Economy Marketing Costs & Overhead

  • U-Crew - mandatory $49.95/mo
  • Domain Name - $0.99 to $12.99 to be used w/ your marketing
  • Self Branded Blog - $0 to $297
  • Web Hosting - $10/mo (or pay annually)
  • Capture Page Creator & Funnel Creator - $97 - $297
  • 3rd Party Autoresponder - $19/mo
  • Link Tracker - $17+/mo (or pay annually)
  • 100 Click Solo Ad Purchase Every Week - $50-$100/wk
  • Real Time Leads - $100+/mo
  • Grand Total - $300-$600/mo in Marketing Costs
  • 3

    Where To Find Leads For U-Economy

    New prospects will commonly ask you where can they find people to talk to about their U-Economy business. Down below you will find several reputable lead vendors and marketing tools.

Lead Generation Tips for UEconomy

As we close this article out, I wanted to be sure to provide you with some reputable lead sources to promote your U-Economy opportunity.

These sources aren’t exclusive to UE, but for any other opportunities you may well be involved in.

Postcards – Contrary to popular belief, people made millions in home based business before there was an internet. Direct Mail and postcard marketing were one of the many methods they used. Postcards will definitely draw leads into your U-Economy funnel.

MLM Leads – MLMLeads.com is a reputable source that’s been in business for well over 10 years. They provide a variety of lead types, and also have an auto pilot web traffic system.

Lead Power – LeadPower.net is another service similar to MLM Leads. The most recent purchase that I made turned out to be some of the most responsive leads that I have ever purchased.

MLM Recruit On Demand – These guys provide you with genealogy leads every month. They teach you what to say and provide scripts. They provide you with leads every month but you only pay a small one-time fee.

Ringless Voicemail Software – Ringless Voicemail is a popular new way to contact thousands of leads for pennies on the dollar. You can click here to learn more about ringless voicemail software.

Traffic4Me – These guys are still on my list to try but I’ve heard many good things about their traffic quality.

Networking – Let’s not forget that Facebook by itself has well over 1 billion members. Learn the art of making connections and reach out to 10-20 new people per day.

The Breakdown

Let me start by saying the only thing on the above lists that is truly mandatory is the $49.95/mo U-Crew charge to keep your U-Economy business active. Everything else listed is only for those who want to truly market themselves like professionals.

Anyone who enrolls with me directly at the U-Mentor level or above will receive a complete custom blog setup free of charge.

If you stick with the regimen listed above you will have plenty of leads coming in as well as plenty of people to talk to.

Not having enough people to talk to is usually the biggest reason for failure in our industry.

To access any of the tools found in the list above simply click this for my recommended tools.

U-Economy and The Unstoppable Alliance

Hopefully by now you’ve found this article informative. One additional bonus that I did not share is that you will also have an opportunity to work with the very best of the best within U-Economy as a member of the Unstoppable Alliance.

I saved that for last because I wanted my content to do it’s job.

However, being a member of a solid organization that encourages training and teamwork is a major factor in boosting your enrollment numbers.

Now you’re one step closer to making an educated decision about your potential with U-Economy. Please click on the button below to learn more. My number is there as well.

U-Economy Reviews




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