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Traffic Generation Software

Traffic Generation Software So you’re looking to learn traffic generation secrets to help you build your business right?

I can only naturally assume that if you are looking for more traffic that you are probably an affiliate marketer, network marketer, or maybe doing Ebay or CPA advertising.

Regardless of what it is you market, it is a proven fact that if you don’t have traffic that your website is just like a needle in a haystack. With billions of websites online, if nobody can find your site you have big trouble.

With that said, today we are going to discuss traffic generation software, what is the best software to use, and also why you want to use it right away to build your business and make more money.

Why You Need Traffic Generation Software

Traffic Generation SoftwareDo you remember the movie The Matrix? The matrix was sort of like the internet is in real life. It’s an ultra-complex system in which only a few truly understand, and even fewer comprehend how to harness its full power.

If you aren’t ‘the one‘ then you’re probably having trouble figuring out how to drive the amount of traffic to your site that will allow you to see results in building your business and your email list – at least at the speed that I know you want to!

The primary reason that you want to use tools (software) to build your business and drive massive traffic to your site is because if you don’t then you will NEVER be able to catch up with the people who do.

Most people who are not Neo-like internet phenomenons are not very comfortable with spending money on paid marketing strategies and for good reason. There are thousands of horror stories online of people who’ve tried PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads and lost insane amounts of cash.

Therefore, most people prefer the free strategies – which ultimately require more time – and that typically requires some type of traffic generation software.

Several Ways to Generate Traffic Online

Blogging – Blogging is obviously a powerful way to generate traffic online, but you also have to keep in mind that there are a log of other things that are involved other than simply writing a blog post, posting it online, and waiting for the traffic to come rolling in… uh-uh. It doesn’t work like that.

Just remember that your blog is your central hub and that with all of the strategies that I’m going to show you, it gives you an opportunity to put a link back to your blog.

Forum Marketing – At this time, forum marketing is not as popular as it once was. I am not familiar with any type of forum posting software at the moment, but if you do a google search for it I’m sure you’ll find something.

Social Media – This is a pretty expansive arena. You have Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, YouTube, and all of the other up and coming sites out there. At some point I have seen software that you can purchase for each one of these websites. The software for these sites is typically friend adding software, but if you have more friends that’s more potential for traffic right?

The Primary Methods of Traffic Generation

At this time, from what I researched online I’ve come to find that video marketing and article marketing are the primary forms of long term traffic generation.

Many internet marketers are saying that video marketing is the undisputed champion of traffic generation hands down. Other people would die by article marketing. Regardless of which is better, my advice would be to first master one of the two. After you learn how to use one of the two options really well, then go ahead and learn how to use the other one too!

Video Marketing

Obviously the elephant in the room of the video marketing scene has and more than likely always will be YouTube. Before I get into the logistics of video marketing I want you to understand that YouTube is not the most reliable site for internet marketers in particular.

I know many people who have had their YouTube accounts shut down (myself included) without a logical explanation. So my advice to you would be that if you are going to use YouTube (which you should) to not use company names, don’t call anything a scam, and don’t show Camtasia videos of anything that you do not own personally.

My account was shut down for Copyright issues. I had an extremely popular video on how to make money with google adsense that had almost 50 thousand views and they shut down my channel without explanation. So keep that in mind.

On a lighter note… There are more video sharing sites out there than just YouTube. Some of them are actually pretty popular as well. So the trick to getting the most out of video sharing websites is to use traffic generation software of course.

The most popular software to get a massive amount of traffic is Traffic Geyser. (When you use Traffic Geyser DO NOT post to YouTube from your TG account. ALWAYS post your YouTube videos manually. They will catch you!) There is also one that you can use for free that is not quite as good but will do the job called Tube Mogul.

If you decide that you want to focus on video marketing, using either of these two programs will give you a competitive edge against anyone who is not utilizing these awesome traffic generation software tips.

Article Marketing

With article marketing, the number one website on the planet is EzineArticles. Sometimes you may find it a bit difficult to get your articles accepted to the site. Once you’ve been writing articles for awhile you shouldn’t have very much trouble getting them accepted.

***NOTE*** When using article marketing software I recommend that you do not post articles to your primary EzineArticles account using software. You do not want to compromise your primary YouTube or EzineArticles accounts. Food for thought…

The most popular software out there right now for article marketing is Article Marketing Robot hands down. If you use this the right way you can without a doubt get to the front page of Google. Article Marketing Robot is the best value since it’s only a one time fee.

There is also another one my mentor Rob Fore uses called Unique Article Wizard. There is a science to all of this that I’ll probably write about in another post in the future. My advice to you, is that if you don’t have the resources to use these programs right now, it would be wise to get your hands on this program. It’s very cost efficient, and it will also allow you to come up with unique versions of your content so you can get more content out there online fast.

I hope this helps.

Traffic Generation Software

Rhandell Mitchell
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