Tom Hanks 10 Rules For Success

In the world of entertainment, particularly Hollywood, there are only a handful of names that when mentioned are generally known by everyone. Tom Hanks is on of those people.

Basically growing up with Tom Hanks since the 80’s, I’ve come to grow fond of Tom Hanks as an actor and entertainer. In this article you’ll hear Tom Hanks’ 10 Rules For Success, in my own words.

You can also scroll down to the bottom of this post and watch the video that was created by Evan Carmichael.

1.) Examine Where You Are

This first one is something that I believe that very few of us do on a consistent basis. Self examination is utterly important if you want to create a roadmap for your life. Just like if you wanted to go on a road trip from New York to California, you have to first know where you are.

Another thing we as people should do is also analyze how and why we got to where we are. Simply knowing where you are, but not understanding what it is that’s put you there is counterintutive. If we want to change our position, we need to know how we got where we are so that we can make a change of course.

2.)  Learn By Doing

There is no better teacher than experience! Many people (myself included) tend to get what’s known as “paralysis of analysis”. This means that you become so caught up in the planning and evaluating stage that you fail to take action.

The fear of making mistakes for the average person is so intense, that they waste valuable time (sometimes years or decades) getting ready to get ready. Simply going out there and embracing the mistakes, while correcting course is the easiest way to learn something new.

It’s been said that when a rocket leaves for the moon the rocket is off course 97% of the time. It simply makes a never ending course of corrections until it arrives at its destinaton.

3.) Don’t Listen To Others

They say that when you listen to others that don’t have what you want you buy their lifestyle. I would go even further to say that sometimes even a person who is more successful than you does not always have all the answers.

Sometimes you have to let your intuition be your guide. Particularly when you are going after matters of the heart.

It’s normal to have dreams and goals and have them so deep down in your spirit that they feel like they could be your life’s purpose. You can never let someone come and talk you out of your dream. Regardless of who that may be. Parents, friends, family or whoever.

Sometimes you have to just shut other people’s opinions out and get tunnel vision. Focus on you, what you want, and who you want to be.

4.) Always Be Prepared

If you stay ready you never have to get ready. Are you prepared for success? If in sales, are you prepared with a rebuttal for the objections that are sure to come?

Are you prepared to tryout if called upon by that professional sports team that you’ve been practicing and working so hard to bring to fruition?

Are you prepared to take that realtors exam or whatever else it is you may have been studying?

We have to realize, that sometimes things don’t happen on schedule. Sometimes we are presented with opportunities at the most untimely moments. It is up to you to be prepared ALWAYS – so if your opportunity arises, you’ll be ready to crush it – no matter what.

5.) Learn To Say No

This one can be difficult for some people. Some people have a very difficult time saying no. This could actually be in reference to people, places, and things.

In our society it seems like we are constantly being pulled in a million different directions. Your friends and family may want you to go out have some fun, you may have appointments you need to keep, or different miscellaneous things that you want/need to do.

Learning to say no is all about prioritizing more than anything. You have to be able to stay locked in on your most important tasks, and be willing to say no to anything that will hinder or delay you from reaching those goals.

6.) Keep Going

Begin with the end in mind.

Sometimes persistence is the determining factor between becoming good and becoming great. If things aren’t working out for you the way that you’d hoped, you have to remind yourself that “if it is to be, it’s up to me!”

You have to have some resolve. So as to say, “I’m gonna get rich, or I’m gonna die trying!”

Most people give up on things if they don’t see immediate results. This is not the philosophy of a winner. Winners resolve to see thing through to the finish line. No matter what obstacles may come their way, or how long it takes.

7.) Get Past Self-Consciousness

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. That’s a great book to read by the way.

In the video Tom Hanks mentioned that he wished he had taken more classes. Like learning how to stand up in front of a room and sing, etc. He said, regardless of whether he was very good at it, he’d just like to have the confidence to get up in front of the room and still do it.

You may not always be the smartest, the best looking, or the fastest. You may not always be the wealthiest, the most influential, or experienced. However, developing and having self confidence will always overshadow any self-conscious beliefs you may have, and ultimately make you a lot more successful in the long run.

8.) Get Experience

Just like # 2, in order to gain experience you have to just do it. Experience is the best teacher, and if you want to mentor and coach others then it’s something that you must have. For exampl;e, if you are in a home based business and you are having trouble getting people to join you – it’s because they want to be led.

If you don’t have experience in something, then it will show in your self confidence. If you have no self confidence as a leader people will know it. If people do not believe or at least percieve you to be a confident leader then they will have zero faith that you can lead them to where they want to go.

So the only way for you to overcome challenges of being inexperienced, it’s to do what? You guessed it…. get experience!

9.) Cultivate Faith

I’ve heard it said in the past that fear and faith are the same thing. Fear is the expectancy of something negative. While faith is the expectancy of something positive.

In the video, Tom Hanks mentioned that fear comes from those who are on the outside; whispering and screaming in your ear. Whereas faith can only be cultivated by the person you see when you look in the mirror each day.

Next time you think about what you can and cannot do. Ask yourself, “Am I coming from a position of fear? Or one of faith?”

10.) Help

Help. A lot of times we let pride get in the way of asking for it. And we let ego and selfishness get in the way of giving it. Tom said that if just 4 out of every 100 people would devote themselves to helping in all areas of life, that the world would be a better place.

I agree.

Living in a capitalist society like the United States, help is rarely found for free. At least if you’re looking for help that can help you in a monetary way.

Although, it still never hurts to ask. Some people actually get pleasure from being of help to others without asking for anything in return.

So in closing, as far as help goes…. I think we need to be less fearful of asking for it. And a lot more willing to give it freely.

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Tom Hanks 10 Rules For Success

Hopefully you found value in this article, if you’d like to watch the video you can find it below and watch Tom Hanks’ 10 Rules For Success.

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