Tim Sales Review

Today in this Tim Sales Review we are going to discuss who he is and how he can help you…

Who Is Tim Sales?

Tim Sales is a legend in the profession of Network Marketing to say the least. Prior to becoming an MLM Sponsor Monster, Tim Sales served over 10 years in the US Navy’s Underwater Bomb Squad. After he finished his term in the service he went back home only to realize that he was terribly unhappy with where he was in his life.

Although he’d been very successful in the Navy and had acquired priceless survival skills as a Navy Seal, there was one critical skill that even the Seals could not teach him. That skill was how to accumulate ‘true wealth’. While he saw himself as someone who was destined for greatness in the financial world, although the Navy had not given him the required skills necessary for financial freedom…
The Day That Changed Everything…

One day as if by a twist of faith, Tim happened to be browsing through the daily newspaper when he stumbled across an ad for a home-based business opportunity. Tim knew this was exactly what he had been looking for before he ever even responded!

What ultimately took place as a result of his response to this ad was Mr. Sales became one of the highest paid distributors in all of MLM only 5 years after the date of finding that life changing ad. What a lot of Tim Sales reviews online forget to mention is that by this time he was earning over $150,000 per month, with well over 50,000 distributors in his organization spanning 20 different countries.
Sharing The Wealth

Our Tim Sales review is a proven testimony that he is a natural superstar in Network Marketing. He went on to create the Brilliant Compensation video which over 1 million people have viewed and become better educated about the profession of MLM as a whole.

He is also a widely sought after advisor and mentor to thousands in the industry. He is also the creator of the Professional Inviter program. The Professional Inviter program focuses on the skill of contacting and inviting. Contacting and inviting is the most important aspect of any networkers MLM career.

How Can This Tim Sales Review Benefit Me?

That question obviously depends upon your willingness to be teachable and willing to implement the strategies taught within the Professional Inviter program. I definitely recommend Tim Sales and his top selling program to anyone who is looking to gain additional recruiting skills.

While Tim Sales is an excellent trainer and coach, there is one thing that even he does not specialize in… generating free mlm leads. If you are unfamiliar with attraction marketing strategies, and how to get prospects chasing you down with credit card in hand, go here now to get the secret MLM Success Tips. To learn more about Rhandell Mitchell you can find him at RhandellMitchell.com

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