The purpose of this Tidom Review is for YOU to leave here today feeling reassured that either yes, you see an opportunity for yourself – or no, you don’t.

If you’ve never read any of my blog posts, I’m known for being brutally honest – almost to my own detriment, but the main objective is to get you FULLY informed – not just halfway.

I could sit here and write an essay about how awesome I am, and why you would be in the best hands by joining with me, (yes, I am a representative) but I’ll let my content speak for itself, and at the end – you decide.Tidom Review


Tidom Review

Tidom is the high ticket innovator and leader in the top tier sales niche by far. I might seem a bit biased, but that’s only because I’ve done virtually every top tier program known to man.

Should you decide to become a rep for the program, I’ll just go ahead and say in advance that without the proper mindset you will more than likely fail. I wrote this Tidom Review to give you the truth, so if you can appreciate the truth – let’s talk about the pros and cons of Tidom.

The Pros

  • No need to recruit thousands of people to make 6 figures
  • Easy to duplicate system that anyone can follow
  • Opportunity calls and training calls throughout the week
  • Set your own schedule
  • Work from anywhere with an internet connection and a phone
  • No waiting for a company to pay you – you get paid direct from the customer

The Cons

  • Must have people skills
  • Be willing to talk on the phone – a lot of people are not
  • More expensive to start than normal biz opps
  • Need to talk to more people to get enrollments
  • The products are intangible (digital products)
  • Marketing budget is imperative

Now that we’ve talked a little bit about the pros and cons of the Tidom business, now let’s talk a little bit more about the costs associated with joining. Then we’ll talk about how much your monthly overhead will be to sustain your business.

Monthly Overhead For Your Tidom Business

Technically, there is no overhead to run your business. Of course, it would be best to allocate an advertising budget and follow the proven marketing system that’s already in place. .

There are a couple of optional tools. I could say the first two are mandatory (yes, they’re that important!) but this is your business, so you can build it how YOU want.

Optional Tools

  • TFMA Marketing System (this marketing system is exclusive to our team only) $20/mo
  • 800 Link Virtual Phone System (this is critical) $10/mo

If you want to make the most amount of money in the shortest time these tools are a must!

Additional Tools That Will Skyrocket Your Business

  • Leads – you can always use free advertising if on a tight budget, but buying leads is faster!
  • Done For You Postcards – have postcards created, labeled, and shipped on your behalf
  • Marketing Tools – ringless voicemail platform, voice broadcaster, facebook posters, etc.
  • Private Tidom Training Website – $299 if you’re not on my team (free to my team).
  • Lead Scrapers – this is for people who would like to generate their own leads.

That’s really about it as far as additional costs go. Remember, these additional tools are optional.

Tidom Review – How The System Works

1. We advertise a phone number – Click here to get 800Link

There are many ways to do this, to learn my personal favorite visit TiDOM Marketing Strategies. A few other options are:

These are just a handful of the many marketing strategies to get your phone number out there. You’ll find a bunch more inside of my PRIVATE training website.

2. People listen to your Portable Franchise System hotline, if they like what they hear they leave their contact info.

The cool thing about our automated system is that if people aren’t interested, they don’t leave a message – that simple! This way, you’re only calling back QUALIFIED PROSPECTS. Also, they are now warm leads, because they requested information from YOU.

See how genius this system is yet?

3. Call them back!

This is where a lot of people drop the ball. For some reason a lot of people have “call reluctance” and it prevents them from making the money they deserve. All we do is call them and direct them to our website – (let the website answer the questions – not you!)

4. They go through our 4 step information system 

This is our exclusive Tidom marketing system. When they get to the website they’ll follow our simple 4 step marketing process. Upon reaching step 4 they will be directed to complete a short survey. This survey sends a notification to reps directly – alerting you that it’s time to follow up with your prospect.

5. You follow up and collect a decision

Once they’ve gone through all 4 steps of the marketing system it is very likely that they will be ready to join. In the event they have a few more questions, you could do a 3 way call with a leader. However, I would recommend inviting them to one of our Call to Freedom conference calls held every Tues – Thurs.

Review Of The Tidom Product Packages

Below I’ve thrown together a short Tidom Review of the product packages. After you complete this video you’ll have a better understanding of the products. Next, we’re going to cover the true key to winning big in the Tidom business.

But first, let’s watch the video!

take a tour

Quick Recap On Product Packages

*All admin fees are one-time payments

  • 1

    Basic Package - $2,000 + ($195 admin fee)

  • 2

    Builder Package - $3,500 + ($295 admin fee)

  • 3

    Advanced Package - $6,500 + ($395 admin fee)

  • 4

    Pro Package - $12,500 + ($445 admin fee)

  • 5

    VIP Package - $22,000 + ($495 admin fee)

Tidom Review - The Best Team To Join

Hopefully you've found value in reading this Tidom Review. Now I want to give you the most valuable part of the entire program.

The Community

Sometimes being a part of a strong team is more important than anything when you join a business.

Unless you're a marketing rockstar, in most cases you're going to need support in the beginning while you work to get your business off the ground.

Take a look at just some of what we offer on our team the Time Freedom Mastermind Alliance.

How to Make 6 Figures in Tidom

First off, you must have the desire to win. If you have that, you can write your own paycheck in a program like Tidom. Couple that with the support of our Time Freedom Mastermind Alliance, and our proven marketing system and anyone can do this!

*Disclaimer - In no way am I making income claims here. In order to make money in Tidom (or any other business) it's going to require lots of effort. Everyone who joins does not make money. Your results or lack thereof will always be in direct measure to the amount of work that you did (or did not) put in.

So now that we've come to the end, hopefully you can see my level of dedication to this program. Not only to the program, but to your success.

I didn't have to write this much, but I wanted to be as thorough as possible, so that you would have a better understanding of how special what we have here really is.

So now the decision is up to you.

Are you ready to position yourself to potentially earning 6 figures+ in the next 12 months?

Of course you are!

So all you have to do is click on the banner below to get started.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read this Tidom Review.

Tidom Inc





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