Recently I was re-reading a good book by Grant Cardone called The 10X Rule.

In the book, there was a chapter dedicated to the Four Degrees of Action. I want to explain the four degrees to you here today, in hopes that seeing them might help you in some way.


The 4 Degrees of Action

1. Doing Nothing

The first degree of action is doing nothing. To some it would appear that doing nothing does not take any action at all. However, in all actuality doing nothing is just as much of an action as doing something is.

We live in a society where so many people depend upon hopes and prayers as the way to accomplish their dreams and goals that doing nothing is actually a lot more common than some might think. Let me be the one to tell you, hopes and dreams are NOT enough for you to accomplish your goals.

2. Retreaters

The second degree of action is retreating. Retreaters are better than those who do nothing in the sense that they are at least taking some type of action. But, retreaters tend to always try to find ways not to do what appears to be difficult.

For example, the retreater is always looking for a shortcut. Retreaters will get started on a project, but as soon as they realize that the project is going to require more work than anticipated they tend to “retreat” and try to find something that’s “easier” to do.

Just remember this, nothing worth having in life ever comes easy.

3. Normal Action

The third degree of action is taking normal levels of action. It’s sad but true, probably more than 50% of society operates within the first three realms of the four degrees of action.

One problem with taking normal levels of action is that it’s what everybody else does. It’s common, it’s average, it’s the norm. If you want to get normal results then do what everybody else is doing and you’re almost certain to get average results.

Another problem with taking normal action is that when you take normal levels of action you tend to underestimate what is really required for you to maintain your success (if you ever see it).

People who take normal levels of action are those who are deemed by society as middle class. Just so you understand, the purpose of this article is more than about just making money. Even though money ranks right up there with oxygen on the hierarchy of needs.

4. Massive Action

The fourth and most important level of action in the four degrees of action is taking massive action. The thing that sets the good and the great on different levels is one’s ability to take massive levels of action on a consistent basis.

Anybody can take massive action for a day or two. But it’s those who make the conscious decision to take massive levels of action on a consistent basis who are rewarded the most.

There’s a common misnomer in society that those who’ve achieved ultra levels of success have somehow gotten lucky. When in the real world they just created goals for themselves that were probably 10x bigger than the average person and they took 10x more action than the average person is even willing to take on their smaller goals.

Bottom line, if you want to be a better parent, better partner, better anything…. you need to be willing to set yourself apart from what normal people do. The only way to do that is for you to start taking massive levels of action in all that you do.

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