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Is ACN the best MLM Company?

That of course depends on who you ask. However, if you were to leave it to me I would have to say that ACN (American Communications Network) is probably the best MLM company that anyone would ever want to join for a multitude of reasons.

The first reason that I believe so highly in ACN is because of the leadership. The ACN opportunity has been around since January of 1993. While that alone is a staggering feat in the network marketing community, the company still has less than 1% market penetration for any of the products/services.

The four co-founders of ACN all have a background of success in the direct sales industry. Also, they all share a collective 90 years of experience in the industry. ACN at one time was approached by Donald Trump to purchase the company and ACN declined his offer. Since that time Donald Trump and ACN have gone on to forge a business relationship, and Mr. Trump has gone on to become the official spokesperson for the company.

ACN on The Celebrity Apprentice

ACN is the only network marketing company ever to be featured on primetime television not once but twice. ACN was featured on The Celebrity Apprentice both in 2009 and again in 2011.

ACN also has a rock solid legal committee. They actually have 3 former Attorney Generals as well as 1 former president of the Attorney General Association. Now if you are not familiar with what this means, the Attorney Generals are the people who regulate and make sure that companies are keeping everything legal. They are also the same entity which has the power to shut a network marketing business opportunity down should they not play by the rules. (Very important to know)

The endorsement of multi-billionaire Donald Trump.

Many companies have famous endorsements in network marketing companies. Many companies even have famous people acting as independent representatives for their products and/or services as well. However, a person of Donald Trump’s stature would surely do their due diligence prior to attaching their brand name behind a company don’t you think?

So for anyone who may have any type of reservations about ACN I can assure you this – any research that you might think you are going to do ACN Donald Trump’s legal team has already done. It should only be common sense that a man who has the stature and reputation of Donald Trump would be intelligent enough to not get himself involved endorsing a “pyramid scheme”.

ACN does over a half-billion dollars in revenue and growing.

I don’t think that it is even necessary to elaborate much further on the previous statement. There have only been a handful of companies to ever even get close to this type of revenue in MLM and ACN is one of them.

Some of the most successful network marketers in the world are in ACN. If you’d like to refute this fact, head over to and take a look for yourself the kind of incomes that not only ACN reps, but network marketers in general are making.

Residual Income

Now this is where ACN has set the bar so high compared to many of the other MLM companies out there who preach that their business model sets representatives up for serious residual income. The fact of the matter when it comes down to residual income is this – IF PEOPLE DON’T NEED IT THEY WON’T BUY IT! PERIOD… – Not to discredit any of the other awesome network marketing companies out there who provide beverages, weight loss products, silver and gold, legal services, etc. The difference between ACN and all of these other companies’ products and services is that virtually no one will ever go without their cell phones. (At least not for an extended amount of time)

Also nobody can even function in today’s society if they do not have gas and electricity in their home. (ACN just recently launched Energy in 3 states this year with more on the way.) How many people do you know who watch television? No matter how bad the economy gets, the odds of people ever getting rid of their televisions or the other services that I just mentioned are very slim.

The Advantage of ACN

That’s what makes ACN different, the fact that they offer services that people are ALREADY USING anyway. And not only that, but they actually can NEVER PAY THEM OFF. What that means for you is that you will have a much steadier stream of income than the guy who sells an awesome weight loss product. The reason I say this is because once an overweight person has lost their desired amount of weight, the odds of them continuing to pay $50-$100 each month on a bottle of juice doesn’t particularly seem like such a good idea anymore.

These are just a few reasons that I believe that ACN is the best MLM Company out there hands down. There have been many to come along who have tried to emulate ACN but none can quite compare if you study carefully.

Rhandell Mitchell
ACN Independent Representative

Rhandell Mitchell

Thanks for reading!

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