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You’ll soon find this article is much different than the typical review you’d read online.

Instead of me taking a bunch of time trying to sell you on the program and giving you all of the details that you can find here in this video – I’m going to take a different approach.

Today you’re going to learn how to build Six Figure Empire the right way. Not only that, you’re going to learn what to expect prior to joining the business.

I’ll cover some of the common expenses to running an online business that most people never tell you until they’ve got your money. Then I’ll get into some of the advertising sources you can use to help you get people looking at your business.

Six Figure Empire

Six Figure Empire – The Bad News First

It’s not really bad news. Although, I am going to tell you the “not so sexy” things about Six Figure Empire that you ought to know up front just so you can approach your business with the proper mindset.

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    Don't Expect To Make 6 Figures Without An Ad Budget

    So many people get involved in programs like Six Figure Empire with the false expectation they will make boatloads of money without spending any money on advertising. Uh uh, not gonna happen!

Nowadays too many people get involved in top tier biz opps looking to hit the lottery. Unfortunately, the Six Figure Empire business (and similar programs) requires work and effort.

Not only does online marketing and home based business require effort, it also requires an advertising budget if you want to take your business to higher levels of success.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s possible to make $100,000 or more with Six Figure Empire utilizing free advertising sources like social media and video marketing. The real question is are you willing to put in the kind of work necessary to get results from free advertising?

Most people are not.

In a few minutes I’ll share with you a few advertising sources you can use to grow your Six Figure Empire business, but right now let’s cover a few of the other things that you need to work the business.

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    Additional Tools Required to Work Six Figure Empire

    If the person you've considered joining with doesn't divulge this information in advance then maybe you're not working with the right person! These are a few tools and expenses that you will incur if you plan to work the Six Figure Empire business.

One thing a lot of people don’t tell you about until AFTER you join their business is all of the additional expenditures that come along with operating a business.

Just like you will need a budget for advertising Six Figure Empire, you’ll also need a few miscellaneous tools to properly run your business.

Here are a few of the tools that you MUST have to promote Six Figure Empire correctly:

  • A Domain Name From GoDaddy
  • An Autoresponder Service (i.e.) Aweber
  • A Smart Phone/Computer w/Internet Access

The 3 above are mandatory if you want to operate a successful business. Below you’ll find a few additional resources to work Six Figure Empire like the pros do it.

The options that you find below aren’t “mandatory” but they’re extremely useful, especially when it comes to personal branding. I’ll talk about branding in just a second.

  • Self Branded/Self Hosted Blog
  • Capture Page Creator
  • Hosting Account
  • Link Tracking Software

Six Figure Empire – Branding Yourself

Okay, so now I’ll elaborate a bit on why it is that you’d want these additional tools to build Six Figure Empire. After that, I’ll break down the overall cost to have ALL of these resources at your disposal. It’s probably a lot less than you think.

Alright, now in the online world personal branding is key.

1.) Nothing helps an individual build their brand online more than having your own personal blog.

This actually works three-fold, first – having your own blog helps to brand you, second – it allows you to take advantage of search engine optimization – and it let’s you house or store all of your offers.

2.) After Six Figure Empire gains momentum people will start to get used to seeing it online. Having your own capture page creator will allow you to diversify your marketing from everyone else who is only using the basic company provided capture pages.

3.) If you want to start your own blog and use your own capture pages you’ll need to have a web hosting account. Simply put, a web host is what allows a website to be visible on the web.

Just remember, if you want your own website… you need a hosting account.

4.) This is predominately for advanced marketers, but at some point you will want to start tracking your results online. In order to do so you will need a link tracking account.

A link tracker will help you keep track of the amount of people who have clicked on your ads. In some cases it will also show you the location of those people, and how many of them took action by completing the capture form on your page.

Another benefit of utilizing a link tracker is it let’s you know where to ramp up your advertising efforts, as you can see where the brunt of your traffic is coming from.

SFE Marketing Costs

Now let’s tally up about how much all of the tools would run you on a monthly basis:

  • Domain Name - $0.99 to $12.00 (one time)
  • Autoresponder - $19/mo
  • Self Hosted Blog - Free to $97 (if you DIY)
  • Capture Page Creator - $97 to $297 (one time)
  • Web Hosting - $10/mo (or pay annually)
  • Link Tracker - $17+/mo (or pay annually)
  • Grand Total - Under $150 Up Front

Keep in mind this doesn’t include the cost of starting your business, just maintaining your Six Figure Empire biz with the proper marketing tools.

If you did choose to go the advanced route and begin branding yourself and use all of the tools above, it would cost you about $50 a month. These are also tax deductible. (Consult CPA for advice)

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    Where To Find Leads For Six Figure Empire

    Probably the most common question that prospects ask prior to joining Six Figure Empire (or anything else) is where do I find leads? Below you'll find a few proven sources for you to get people looking at your business.

Lead Generation Tips for Six Figure Empire

Before you go, I wanted to give you a few places for you to generate leads for your Six Figure Empire opportunity.

Not only could you use these sources for SFE, but also for any other opportunities that you have to promote.

Human Eyeballs – These guys guarantee a 40% opt in rate. So if you purchase 1000 clicks, you’re guaranteed to get a minimum of 400 leads for your business. Very few sources guarantee leads.

MLM Leads – is a reputable source that’s been in business for well over 10 years. They provide a variety of lead types, and also have an auto pilot web traffic system.

Lead Power – is another service similar to MLM Leads. The most recent purchase that I made turned out to be some of the most responsive leads that I have ever purchased.

MLM Recruit On Demand – These guys provide you with genealogy leads every month. They teach you what to say and provide scripts. They provide you with leads every month but you only pay a small one-time fee.

Ringless Voicemail Software – Ringless Voicemail is a popular new way to contact thousands of leads for pennies on the dollar. You can click here to learn more about ringless voicemail software.

Six Figure Empire Review

Quick Side Note*** All of the marketing tools/resources that I shared above can be found in my "Tools I Use" section of this site. These ARE affiliate links, and should you decide to purchase any of of these services from the links which I've provided I may earn a small referral commission. It's the law we tell you this now... but since I gave you the goods I'm sure you'll reciprocate... 😉

In Closing

I think you’re now very well equipped to go out there and make some noise inside of Six Figure Empire.

I’ve told you what you should expect, given you the run down on some of the marketing tools you’ll need, as well as provided you with some very solid lead generation sources.

Now it’s up to you what you decide to do with the information.

If you want to learn more information about the actual “Six Figure Empire” business model you can click the button below now to learn more!

Thanks for reading.

Six Figure Empire

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