Secret Success Machine Review

If you’re looking at the Secret Success Machine DO NOT JOIN until AFTER you’ve listen to this 20 second message!



Secret Success Machine Review

Inside of this article I would like to talk to you today about the Secret Success Machine. I'm going to be revealing some very pertinent facts, as well as discussing the pros and cons; and perhaps a few things that people don't want you to know.

SSM is no stranger to the big-ticket arena. It has been on the scene for at least seven years now. When it was originally released it was called Million Dollar Marketing Machine. At some point they were ordered to cease and desist from utilizing the Million Dollar Marketing Machine name, because of a similar company which was also in operation by the name of Millionaire Marketing Machine.

Not quite sure when all of this took place, but that is the story. So now let's talk a little bit more about the Secret Success Machine business opportunity.

The Products...

I'm writing this article under the assumption that you've more than likely already reviewed at least some information about SSM.

However, I will briefly cover the products by saying that they range in price from $500 all the way up to $20,000.

The Levels...

$500 - This is the starter level
$2000 - This is the Silver Level
$3500 - This is their Gold Level
$6500 - This the Platinum Level
$12,500 - This is the Diamond Level
$20,000 - Elite Royal Package - Top Level

No matter the program, the "sweet spot" is usally always the $3500 or $6500 level.

Secret Success Machine Review - Is It Legit?

In my personal opinion, I would have to say yes - the Secret Success Machine is absolutely legitimate.

Now here is the reason why I did not join…

I have been attracted to big-ticket programs for a long time. When I first got introduced to the Secret Success Machine I was actually very excited about getting started, but there was just one thing about the program that bothered me - the website.

The first time I saw the website, I was very unimpressed with the quality of the webpage.

Now this is just based on personal preference, but it is my opinion that in the event you are going to be spending a minimum of $500 all the way up to $20,000 to join a business, you would expect that the technology is cutting-edge.

Unfortunately with the Secret Success Machine that was not the case. In their defense, they must be doing something right, because they have tons of five figure and even several six figure monthly earners who are representatives from the program.

Albeit, people flashing cash just wasn't enough for me.

When I decide to commit to a program there are several things that I not only expect, but command are in place before I decide to attach my name to any particular program.

What are those things you might ask? Let me show you…


Without this critical element, it is still possible for you to make money in these programs. However, the type of individuals that you are really looking to attract may be turned off based on the lack of professionalism. For that reason in particular, I decided many years ago that it's just not worth it in the long run to put your name behind something that you don't feel is up to standard.


Now this sort of falls under the umbrella of professionalism, but - if people are not keeping their programs up-to-date then that is a form of negligence in my eyes. If you cannot keep your program, your design, and your products up-to-date - that shows a lack of respect for your program; which in turn, shows a lack of respect for the people who promote your program.


Now this one is a biggie… I couldn't even begin to tell you how many different programs that I've promoted over the years, that I was forced to resign (even though it wasn't a job) because the support simply wasn't there. I wrote a vicious rant about this in the late 2014 or early 2015 in this Direct Pay System Review. DPS is another popular big-ticket program that could have been one of the very best, but the support was incredibly negligent.

Secret Success Machine Review - How to Make Money

The dynamic behind making money in the Secret Success Machine is quite simply the same dynamic that is required for you to recruit new business partners into any business program - Go Through the Numbers!

Okay..okay..I know what you want to know - Exactly how are they going through the numbers?

Well my friend, that's the easy part!

After I tell you how they go through the numbers, the question is - will you follow up the way you are supposed to?

Secret Success Machine Review - The Marketing Process

Alrighty… Now we're getting into the good stuff. I'm not sure why, but there is something that I really just love about the process of marketing. So let me tell you how Secret Success Machine members run through the numbers FAST!

1.) Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting tends to be a very controversial subject, (mainly because some people don't like it) but please never doubt it's effectiveness. To be quite frank, some people are just extremely timid - because I know firsthand exactly what type of results you can generate through consistent voice broadcasting and following up with your leads.

You will find a lot of marketers online bashing anyone who does voice broadcasting while they themselves are doing it in secret. I personally believe that the reason some marketers do this is to try and sway people from using the technique BECAUSE of its effectiveness. Or maybe not… Who knows??? (This is me being sarcastic, in case you were wondering)

2. ) Ringless Voicemail 

This is a fairly new technology in comparison to voice broadcasting. It's been around for some time now, just not on a commercial level. What ringless voicemail technology does is actually lets you send voicemail messages to cell phones without the phones ever ringing.

The recipient then hears your message and then calls you back for more info, visits your website, or whatever it is that you instructed them to do in your message. It would most definitely be wise to have a voicemail service set up, because many of them will be calling you back just out of curiousity - this service will capture their info.

iBuzz Express is the tool that many marketers use for this purpose because it has both tools in one platform for a small fee with no monthlies. If you want to get voice broadcasting and ringless voicemail software both on the same platform, click on that link.

3.) Postcards

The third method that I've seen the most people get results with in big-ticket is by using postcards. This is probably the most duplicatable strategy there is in terms of a new person being able to "plug-n-play". Meaning, all they have to do is pay for their postcards and wait for the leads to start coming in.

Of course they'll still have to call the leads back and direct them to their Secret Success Machine sales page for more info, but doesn't that sound easier than what you'd be doing on a regular job?

4.) Offline Marketing

There are many different methods to offline marketing, and while they are not quite as automated as the first two, they can still be effective nonetheless. Below you will find several examples of methods that have been known to produce results promoting big-ticket programs such as the Secret Success Machine.

  • Yard Signs/Roadsigns
  • Drop Cards
  • Flyers
  • Mobile Classifieds

These are just a few of many different marketing techniques that can be done offline while you're out and about. My advice would be to find a strategy that you enjoy, and stick to it until you start to see results.

Secret Success Machine Scam?

From time to time you may come across an article online that says Secret Success Machine Scam, Tidom Scam, Amway Scam, Ebay Scam, etc.

Here's the thing most don't understand, people write these articles in order to drive traffic to THEIR OWN information. Sort of like how you found this aricle you're reading right now.

I personally am not a fan of writing articles about programs being scams - unless they're really a scam.

But I wanted to throw that out there for those of you who may've been deterred from looking at a program because you saw a couple of articles with the word scam in them.

My advice would be for you to do your due diligence, because the last thing you want to do is miss out on a good opportunity because of something that someone else said (that wasn't even true)!

Before You Join Secret Success Machine

Clearly, the Secret Success Machine business is making people money - no question. However, my question for you, is if you're going to be in a program that has lots of competitors, do you want to be in an average program - or be a member of the best?

Of course some might say that I'm biased  since I am a member of Tidom Inc, but facts are facts.

Hundreds of the top members from Secret Success Machine have already migrated over to Tidom. Same goes for Millionaire Marketing Machine, which is now named Business Success Alliance.

People are coming to Tidom in droves for the same reasons that I mentioned above.

  1. It's more professional...
  2. The website and the products are more up to date...
  3. And the support is better....

So what do I do now?

My advice is that you get back to the person who invited you to look at the business. If you like what you see, then join them. But, if you're someone who is detail oriented like myself - I would highly encourage you to take a closer look at this Tidom Review that I wrote.

Exact same business model, just a better and more professional program.

Before I go...

I've noticed a few reps from Secret Success Machine and Business Success Alliance making false allegations about Tidom in order to make their own archaic programs look better.

Trust me.... do your research.

You'll be glad you did.

Thanks for reading this Secret Success Machine Review.Secret Success Machine Review

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