Pure Profit Pro Compensation Plan – this article will help you understand it. If you’re here reading this then you may have received an advertisement about an income opportunity called Pure Profit Pro.

In this article, I want to speak to you specifically about the Pure Profit Pro Compensation Plan. By the time you’re done reading this, I want you to have a keen understanding on the income potential. At which point, you can then determine if you see an opportunity for yourself.

But first… let me tell you what the Pure Profit Pro opportunity is NOT:

  • Cash Gifting
  • Multi Level Marketing
  • A Get Rich Quick Scheme

Now if you’re looking for any of those things, you might to want to go and look elsewhere.

However, this Pure Profit Pro Compensation Plan overview is going to be very thorough, and very concise. So be prepared to take a few minutes to learn from someone who takes pride in “the small details” that many others so often tend to leave out.

Pure Profit Pro Compensation Plan

Pure Profit Pro Compensation Plan

Before I get into the 4 ways that you’ll get paid when you learn how to market AND sell this business, I first want to ask you to stop for a minute and think to yourself – what is my income goal and WHY do I need to make this money?

Now that you’ve thought that out, let’s talk about the 3 different price points of the compensation plan.

Since you already know your income goal, now you can simply divide your income goal by the number of sales you would need to make at each of the 3 levels to calculate how many sales you would have to make to accomplish your goal.

The 3 Pure Profit Pro Price Points:

  • 1

    $250 Product Package

    The first product package is $250 and includes a "one-time" $95 admin fee. Just 2 sales a month minimum at this level would equate to an additional $6,000 per year - and this is only ONE of FOUR ways to get paid.

  • 2

    $500 Product Package

    The second product package is $500 and includes a "one-time" $125 admin fee. Just 2 sales a month minimum at this level would equate to an additional $12,000 per year - and this is only ONE of FOUR ways to get paid.

  • 3

    $1,000 Product Package

    The third product package is $1000 and includes a "one-time" $145 admin fee. Just 2 sales a month minimum at this level would equate to an additional $24,000 per year - and this is only ONE of FOUR ways to get paid.

Getting excited yet?

You will…

Pure Profit Pro Pays 100% Commission

One of the exciting things about the Pure Profit Pro compensation plan is that they actually pay out 100% of the commission on all sales after you have been qualified.

Which is the reason why the one-time admin fees are applied, otherwise how would the owner make any money for himself?

How do you get qualified?

The compensation plan is what is known as a 1-up compensation model.

Here’s how it works…

Upon joining, you the new representative, are required to pass up your first sale as a qualification sale – a.k.a. training sale.

Now I already know what you might be thinking.
Well why would I want to give up my first sale?

Stick with me and in a minute it will all make perfect sense.

Let’s Talk About Pay Lines and Profit Centers

Okay, now this is where it gets fun.

One of the major advantages to the Pure Profit Pro compensation plan as well as the 1-up business model is LEVERAGE.

Now remember, this isn’t multi-level marketing. So you’re not going to earn a tiny residual on your members every month like you would earn in an MLM.

I think it’s even better than that – the minute that you learn how to incorporate duplication among your group.

The 1-up comp plan actual has the potential to create something known as perpetual leverage.

Instead of writing an entire book about it, I made a video for you to get a really good grasp on just how powerful the Pure Profit Pro business model is when you truly understand how this works. Click the video to watch.

The 4 Ways to Get Paid in Pure Profit Pro

  • 1

    Direct Sales

    Direct sales are any sales that you have gone out and generated on your own. So if you're a great marketer and can generate a large number of sales each month, great! However, your goal should be to build an army of team members who can duplicate what you do.

  • 2

    Qualification Sales

    Qualification sales are what we referred to when we discussed the "1-up", "qualification sales", or "training sales". All 3 of these are the exact same thing, with different names. So any time someone you've enrolled or anyone who has "passed up" to you they will always owe you their 1st sale. This goes on to infinity.

  • 3

    Roll Up Sales

    Roll up sales are when you have members on your team who are not fully qualified at the top level. Here's an example, Bob joins for $250 - he then gets his first sale (which was his qualification sale) for $250 - that goes to you. Now Bob is "qualified" to earn $250. He then makes another sale this time at $500. Since Bob is only qualified to earn $250, the other $250 "rolls up" to you.

  • 4


    Upgrades are when you have a member on your team who sees the value in being at a higher level. Until you have upgraded, you would lose any sales coming in at the levels which are higher than you are currently qualified. This encourages members to upgrade in order to prevent themselves from missing out on money because they weren't at the higher levels.

In Closing…

That’s pretty much it in regards to the ways we get paid. If you want to take advantage, the first thing you have to do is  click here to join Pure Profit Pro first.

The next thing you want to do identify your target income goal like I mentioned in the beginning.

After you’ve done that you want to identify a marketing strategy that works for you. Everybody can’t blog, and everyone doesn’t like being on video, so you have to determine what best suits you.

What I will say, is something that I always tell people is this – It’s not about what you “like”. It’s about how bad do you want to succeed?

Just know, if it feels like a “chore” you probably won’t do it for long.

And finally, if you have the opportunity of joining a marketing community rather than just a lone ranger – do it!

People want to be a part of something.

They want to belong.

If you have a solid marketing team, that provides training and coaching – along with opportunity calls, etc. You will find that you have a greater advantage than many of your competitors.

Do these things, and you should have no problem extracting money out of the Pure Profit Pro compensation plan.

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