Pre Launch MLM Companies have recently hit the scene quicker than a hollywood actress going to rehab. Common sense will tell you that every MLM company was once a pre launch mlm but nowadays it seems to be getting a little bit out of control in my opinion.

More than likely you don’t care about my opinion, maybe you are what MLM Veteran Mark Yarnell likes to refer to as a ‘Mexican Jumping Bean’ (No offense to hispanics!) What Yarnell means when he refers to a jumping bean is someone who jumps from company to company looking to get in at the top and be ‘first’.

It’s a known fact that the highest income earners in MLM companies tend to be the ones who got in first, but I’d like to warn you that if you’re in an MLM right now and you’re not making any money yet… jumping to the “next best thing” is probably not going to do you any better than had you decided to stay put and roll up your sleeves and get down to business.

A large misconception for people who like to jump from deal to deal looking to get in at the beginning is the idea of getting massive ‘spillover’ if the compensation plan is set up on a binary. The thing that you ship jumpers should understand is that you only get paid on the activity of your lesser leg in the typical binary plan. Therefore, you could be the first person in the entire company and still not make a stinkin dime if you can’t perform the two major responsibilities of all MLM reps: Retailing and Recruiting!

If you cannot recruit or you are not retailing the product you are NOT going to make any significant income. All you have to do is search the web and you’ll find more pre launch mlm opportunities online than aspiring pole dancers looking for exercise… Fellow internet marketing prodigy David Wood mentioned on his blog that statistically MLM reps who stick with their companies and give a dedicated consistent effort tend to reach the top levels of their particular company and compensation plan.

So finally, if you are in an MLM company and the company has a good reputation, is debt free, and pays their distributors on time, maybe you should reconsider swapping companies. Simply work on yourself and follow the wise words of the great Jim Rohn, “Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.” Moving to the next best thing will never work if you are not working on yourself.

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Rhandell Mitchell

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