1.) The product is the star of the show in the Numis Network opporutnity. Never before has any company in Network Marketing ever been as bold to actually decide that they were going to sell money. Actually marketing money as the product is about as unbridled as it gets. Being that networking is a word of mouth business, the sheer number of people who will become interested in learning more about numismatics is unequivocally great. While every person who requests more information on numismatic coins may not join Numis Network, the industry at large is definitely primed to witness a massive expansion.

2.) The sudden rise in popularity of numismatic coins. Over the last few years it has not been a secret that people’s interest in gold specifically has been on the rise. There have been tons of commercials on television which prompt viewers to “send us your gold”. The current strategy of many savvy collectors has been to purchase silver and gold assets. While the paper dollar has been plummeting it seems that the allure of silver and gold have continued to rise. The numismatic coin industry is one largely untapped market. When the pubic begins to get wind that they can actually generate an income for simply sharing with others the concept of preserving, building, and collecting wealth, the industry will surely expand.

3.) Mike Mezack, host of the Coin Collector segment on Home Shopping Network has partnered with Numis Network. The level of experience behind him has assisted him in producing over 1 billion dollars in sales over the tenure of his career. He is said to do well over 100 million dollars per year in the sale of numismatic coins. Mezack and his track record will bring additional credibility to Numis Network, which in turn will attract more people as a whole to the broader subject of coin collecting.

The top leaders in Numis Network are all building their organizations with the use of an internet marketing system. The system allows them to monetize the 95% of individuals who are not interested in their primary program. In more simplified terms, you can make money without ever even mentioning your primary business.

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Numis Network

    2 replies to "The Numis Network Phenomenon – Numismatic Coins Meet MLM?"

    • davidwood


      Actually, there have been about 20 MLM's that have tried to sell gold and silver coins (just as a minor piece of info)… that's not to discount Numis, because they do have some differences that make it unique, but just so you're aware for future posts.

      The problem historically with trying to sell coins through MLM is that you can't mark up a fixed price product enough to pay a significant residual income to a downline. Selling numismantic coins MIGHT prove to permanently solve the issue, but it's going to be up to you guys to take the market by storm. I like what you're doing, though, good luck.

      -David Wood

    • Rhandell Mitchell

      Hey David, sorry for the delayed response. After doing some investigation I have found that a few companies have tried to sell coins but I am not aware of any of those companies actually selling numismatic coins. Our team is no doubt taking the market by storm as we speak. I appreciate your comments though, anyone who does not take the advice of those who are doing well is not wise. So again, I appreciate your comments and I hope to see you in Costa Rica this summer!!!


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