As I write this I’m still sitting in my hotel room in San Diego. I’m sitting here reflecting on what I learned while here at the Empower Network event Fight The Forces of Evil.

Why Empower Network?

My first thought that comes to mind is the fact that Empower Network is just so refreshing.  

It truly is unlike anything else out in the marketplace when it comes to direct sales. Not only
are the products awesome, but the culture is something like you’ve never seen before.

Empower Network is just different… period.

Not only that, but if you could have seen the amount of people there who had never made any
money in anything else that had ever done prior to Empower Network is was astonishing.

One major takeaway from the Empower Network Event

Don’t be so emotionally attached to the results.

As marketers, we tend to get very emotional over the results that we get from our time and
energy spent. (and money).

If you do paid ads and you don’t get any sales does that mean that the traffic  source is bad?
Not necessarily no…

What’s important is to learn how to test and tweek and improve upon what you find that has
brought you the most significant results.

Takeaway #2 

Learning to set the intention…

What does that mean?

That means that you need to decide what it is you want. 

Once you’ve made the decision that you know what you want you need to be prepared to take
all-out massive action in order to get it. Does that sound like you?

Will I be at the next Empower Network event?

Short answer: YES

Will it be easy?

Short answer: NO IDEA

The only thing that matters is that I do know that I WILL BE THERE… PERIOD.

Takeaway #3 from the Empower Network Convention 

The Importance of Having a Tightly Knit Team Culture

While I was there I noticed that out of all the teams at the event, there was only one team in
particular who had a clear camaraderie  for the team as a whole.

That type of “team-culture” in direct sales/network marketing is what builds fortunes. Loyalty
is everything – and the only way you’ll develop a loyal following is by leading by example,
and showing your team how much you care.  


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