—–Sleep less. Work more.


That’s step # 1 of my 4th quarter game plan.
* Are you a snoozer?
You know the type, they hear the alarm clock go off and hit
the snooze button 2 or 3 times before they get out the bed.
If yes. It’s only because YOUR WHY is not big enough.
Your reason to succeed is not as big as your reason to sleep a little longer.
If it was, you’d hop out of the bed in the morning.

—–Focus on Lead Generation

Most amateur to intermediate marketers like to focus on sales.
Advanced and expert level marketers focus on lead generation
Logic says that the more people you get into your sales funnel the more money you will ultimately make.
So why are you chasing and convincing people to join your business?
The more you chase and coerce people to join, the more they will resist. 
Focus on your lead gen and you won’t have time to chase anybody. They’ll be too busy chasing you.

—–Using Lead Magnets and Funded Proposals

If you’re unfamiliar with Lead Magnets – they are simply an ethical “bribe” to get people to give you their contact information.
Usually an eBook, video series, audio recording, or something along those lines.
It’s something that they feel they can benefit from.
A good lead magnet will increase your conversion rate of viewers turning into actual leads. 
* Funded Proposals
A funded proposal is a type of marketing system that helps you make money on the front end while you build your contact list and your primary business on the back end. 
A great way to use a funded proposal is to direct your paid advertising to the funded proposal. 
This way, when you make sales up front, you cover your advertising costs and build your list for free – or very inexpensively. 

—–Personal Development

It’s hard to put all of this together if you don’t have a good mindset.
Reading, exercising, meditation/prayer, all of these things lead to you being more at ease.
When the mind is at ease it operates better.
You have to be confident in yourself, which then projects onto the people who may be interested in doing business with you.
All of these things – when applied – will help you to crush the 4th quarter of 2017 in ways you never thought possible.
Practice being positive.
Even when things don’t feel they are going the way you’d like. Focus on something good that could or should come from that situation.
This is how you win!


At the end of the day mindset, skill, or strategy mean absolutely nothing if you don’t take action!
You have to be willing to lose sleep, work harder than your competition, and work smarter – whenever possible.
I guarantee you will see a breakthrough if you do the things I’ve laid out for you in this post.
Now go take action!

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