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If you’re looking into LifePreneur for the first time, I’m going to teach you exactly what to do and show you how to make money fast.

Inside this article you’ll learn how to market, what the products are, and most importantly, everything this business and education platform is about.

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LifePreneur Review

LifePreneur Review – The Opportunity

Official Launch: June 2018

The company went into pre-launch in February of 2018. The LifePreneur opportunity was developed by Chris Record and Peter Sorenson.

I know you want all the facts, so I won’t waste a lot of time on the company history, etc.

Although I do think it’s important to know the mission behind the company…

It’s simple actually.

LifePreneur is focused on teaching people how to have more time & more money, and most of all – a better lifestyle!

You’ll learn more about this shortly.

LifePreneur Reviews – What Are You Buying?

So what are the LifePreneur Products?

When anyone enrolls as a member they’re purchasing ultra-high quality training on all forms of entrepreneurship.

  • Internet Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Investing
  • SEO
  • e-Commerce
  • Facebook Ads

…and that’s just for starters!

There are 4 specific products. Each of those focused around different ways of making money with your own business.

These products will “officially” launch in June 2018.

  • Social Influencer Academy - ($1000 retail)
  • Digital Agency Builders - ($2000 retail)
  • Penthouse Mastermind- ($3000 retail)
  • 4C Investor Roundtable - ($4000 retail)

The Social Influencer Academy:

This product is going to teach how to build a massive following on all of the social media platforms.

Not only that, but you’re also going to learn about branding and how to get people to pay you for your social media expertise.

Digital Agency Builders:

This course is for anyone who’s ever considered starting their own consulting business.

Whether you want to be a social media manager, and arbitrageur, or web design firm – this is where you’ll learn those particular skills.

The Digital Agency Builder course will teach you 3 main ways of selling your products and services through your agency:

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Outsource the work
  3. Arbitrage

You’ll also learn how to automate your business with a sales person and even a project manager, so that your business can run without you!

The Penthouse Mastermind Sessions:

These are HIGH LEVEL 1-Day training sessions where you get to rub elbows with 7 and 8 figure online marketers and investors.

Mastermind sessions are broken down into 4 90-minute segments.

The penthouse mastermind qualifies you for free admission into your 1st event.

There are sessions being held all over the world. So whichever location that appeals to you the most is the one that you should choose.

2018 Penthouse Mastermind Locations:

There are masterminds scheduled around the world for 2018. If you’re interested in receiving the full list you can leave a comment below.

So far there are already events scheduled in Las Vegas, Dallas TX, Chicago IL, Los Angeles, Sydney Australia, Melbourne Australia, Toronto Canada, London England, and a few more!

The 4C Investor Roundtable:

These are recorded roundtable discussions with some of the best online marketers and investors in the world. In these sessions you’ll learn the mindset, strategies and philosophies of some of the best investors in the world.

Just a few of the things that will be discussed in the 4C Roundtable:

  • Real Estate Investing
  • Setting Up a Corporate Structure
  • Credit Repair
  • How to Establish Business Credit
  • Cryptocurrency

“Amateurs lose money when markets crash, sophisticated investors make money in both bull & bear markets.”

-Chris Record

make money from home

Benefits of Joining LifePreneur

There are plenty benefits to becoming a LifePreneur member. One of the best (in my opinion) is having the ability to make money from home.

Living in Ohio, the winters can be treacherous. So having $1000+ days from home feels incredible!

It doesn’t take a lot of $1000 commissions in order to change your quality of life…

Another thing that makes this opportunity so unique, is the fact that unlike most programs, the products are practical – not theoretical.

What that means for you is that you’ll be able to make real money with this training even if you never actively engage in the affiliate program.

Income Disclosure

It's important to point out that not everyone who joins LifePreneur will make money. Your success or lack thereof will depend greatly on your work ethic, persistence, and your willingness to learn and implement what is taught. Some people make a lot, some make a little, and some make nothing. Top performer results are not typical - so just don't be typical!

The LifePreneur Compensation Plan

Is LifePreneur an MLM? No.

It’s an affiliate program.

The compensation plan is really easy to understand.

It works like this:

Representatives earn thru a 50% commission affiliate program. All commissions will be paid via Check or Paypal – every 30 days after your transactions have settled.

There are no “pass-ups” or “overrides.” Just straight 50% commissions starting at $1000 for everyone you refer to the business.

High Profit Margins

The least amount of money you’ll ever earn promoting the LifePreneur Affiliate Program is $1000. This is a major benefit to anyone looking to run paid advertising.

For example, let’s say you paid $200 for 200 clicks to your website. Of the 200 clicks, let’s say 100 ask for more info. Now let’s say 80 of them stick around until the offer is made.

If just 10% of them joined, you’d earn $8000 on a $200 investment. Now obviously this is a hypothetical example. *Please refer to income disclosure above.

How to Make Money From Home With LifePreneur

Very quickly you need to learn (and understand) the difference between marketing and prospecting.

Then find a balance between the two – and TAKE MASSIVE ACTION!

Marketing is all about driving prospects to your business. Prospecting is all about taking your business directly to your prospects!

Below are several ways to get people to your website:

7 Prospecting Methods

  • Talk to Friends and Family (not recommended)
  • Purchase Opportunity Seeker Leads and CALL THEM!
  • Purchase Genealogy Lists and CALL THEM!
  • Connect with other Business Owners on Facebook via FB Messenger
  • Contact People on the Resumes Section of Craigslist
  • Contact People Who Are Spamming FB Groups
  • Reach Out to More Professional People on LinkedIn

7 Marketing Methods

  • Purchase Guaranteed Visitors to Your Website (solo ads)
  • Run Pay-Per-Click Ads (FB, Twitter, Google, Bing, and more)
    • Use Bridge Ads
    • Ad –> Free Offer –> L.P. Funnel
  • Buy Opp Seekers and Use Ringless Voicemail
  • Access Opp Seekers and Use Text Message Marketing
  • Purchase Opp Seekers and Use a Predictive Dialer
  • Purchase Banner Advertising
  • Email Marketing

Attraction Marketing Methods

The entire premise behind Attraction Marketing is giving something of value away FIRST before you ever ask for anything in return.

There are many different ways to do this. Below you will find several examples of attraction marketing. You can also find several examples on my YouTube channel. This is an older channel that I don’t use much anymore, but notice the style of my videos.

  • Video Marketing
    • How-To Videos
    • Proof Videos
    • Company Reviews
    • Software Reviews
    • Facebook Live Videos
    • Take Notes On Training
      • Place Those Notes On PowerPoint Slides
  • Blogging
    • How-To Posts
    • Company Reviews
    • Software Reviews
    • Personal Posts
    • Proof Posts
    • Take Notes On Training
      • Create Google Docs and Post Notes
  • Social Media 
    • Value Posts (share something insightful)
    • Vulnerability Posts (share how you overcame struggles)
    • Curiosity Posts (get them to ask for more info)
    • Social Proof (share your results & the results of others)
  • Lifestyle Marketing
    • Share your lifestyle
      • Trips
      • Geographic Locations
      • Cars
      • Homes
      • Family Time
      • Even Food

Success begets more success. If you want to win in the LifePreneur business every time you have a small win you need to share it.

Whether it’s your first lead ever.  Your first 10 leads. Or your first sale. Share those results!

Here are some of my favorite marketing resources.

The 4 Phase Sales Funnel

  1. Traffic
  2. Registration
  3. Webinar
  4. Sale

Your goal should be $0.50 – $1.00 per click or to get free clicks.

No matter where you get your clicks (traffic) from, everyone who goes thru your system will go thru these 4 steps.

Your ultimate goal is to get people all the way thru your funnel and convert them into a sale!

The Big Picture

Chris Record calls it “The LifePreneur Journey.”

  1. Build Your Influence
  2. Grow Your Income
  3. Scale Your Company
  4. Multiply Your Wealth

There’s not another program online that will teach you these 4 principles in the same capacity as you’ll learn with LifePreneur. So think twice before you go spend thousands on one of the B.S. programs out there with no real products or value.

Special Bonuses You Get With LifePreneur

As an all-in member of LifePreneur that means you get the keys to the LifePreneur All-Access Vault.

This alone comes with over 1000+ hours of training from internet marketing jedi, Chris Record.

Below is a sneak peek at the inside of the all-access vault. You can watch a live video of the all access vault by clicking here.

The Products Inside of the Vault

  • Shopify Mini-Training Series
  • Facebook Advertising Training
  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery
  • Shopify 90 Day Ecom Challenge
  • Entrepreneur Vlog Features
  • 6-Figure Traffic Academy Replays
  • 7-Figure Traffic Academy Replays
  • Conference Replays
  • Beginner Instagram Training
  • How To Raise Capital Training
  • Facebook Marketing Hacks

The LifePreneur All-Access Pre Launch Bundle

When LifePreneur goes live in June the products will be $10,000 to purchase individually. The owners have hinted that there may be an all-in bundle for $5,000.

During Pre-Launch phase the All-Access Pass is only $2000 one-time. This gets you all of the products and pays $1000 per sale.

There is only 1 product bundle during pre-launch.

Unadvertised Bonus

I have some additional bonuses available for everyone who joins with my link. They’re so good, that I refuse to write them here in this article so that people can try and emulate my offer.

I consider myself to be an average marketer, but people steal my stuff A LOT.

Just know that if you want to join LifePreneur you should contact me on the number below first before you do!

How to Join LifePreneur

If you’ve read this far, that tells me that you are serious about your future. It also tells me that you probably want more information.

To learn more about this amazing business all you have to do is click the button below to get more details and learn how to enroll in the program.

On that note, I’d like to thank you for your time and welcome you to the team should you decide to become a member. And also thanks for reading this LifePreneur Review.


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