Hello friends,

If I can tell you anything significant it would be this. If you’re surrounded by 10,000 people and only 1 of them is a winner – don’t listen to the 9,999 losers…. listen to the 1 winner!

I’m excited today, because I just got qualified in my TiDom business.

I did a little marketing (all free) on Facebook and was fortunate enough to land a $6,500 sale in my first 3 weeks of promoting.

I’m sure my sponsor was ecstatic – because it was a pass up sale.

Now everyone that enrolls on my team from this point forward owes me a sale as well. That’s the true power of leverage!

Some people don’t understand the power of the 1Up compensation plan. I’ll make a video soon doing an overview of the 1Up to try and make it a little easier to understand. But for now, all you need to know is this… TiDom Inc is the real deal.

The owner actually cares about the people AND the program. If you’re burned out on MLM and you’re looking for a new home then I encourage you to take a very close look at what we have going on!

show me the video


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