So if you’re reading this article you more than like are already in an MLM opportunity. Most network marketing companies have an MLM System in place for their new reps. Each company out there is prone to have a different MLM System in place in most cases.

Typically it’s up to the distributor (you) to get in contact with your upline leadership to see what kind of system that they have in place. In most companies home meetings or private business receptions are encouraged. Contacting the people you know personally (your warm market) is normally the first thing that your upline and/or network marketing company will instruct you to do.

If you’re like most people though, you’re probably a little uncomfortable contacting your friends and family. In this case, you may have to develop some form of MLM Lead Generation strategy. This is where it is going to ultimately be up to you the distributor to know what makes you most comfortable.

If you are okay with the traditional style of MLM recruiting then you may be okay with writing down a list of names and numbers of your friends and family. However if you are not quite comfortable with that approach then MLM marketing online may be a better approach for someone like you.

I myself would recommend that you try your best to implement a little of both into your marketing strategy. The top network marketers know how to market… that’s why it’s called network marketing! If you learn to balance both online and offline marketing into your MLM System then you are almost guaranteed to have better success than someone who is just applying one method by itself.



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