If you haven’t caught wind of GVO Conference you soon will if you spend any time at all online looking to make money from home. GVO stands for Global Virtual Opportunities.

GVO Conference is a web conferencing software that is comparable to GoToMeeting. After using the software I’ve come to the personal conclusion that this software just might give GoToWebinar a run for their money.

The software enables you share your desktop, do powerpoint presentations, have group chats, do file sharing, video sharing, and quite a bit more.

I think that one of the most exciting things about the software is that you get access to it for only $8.97 cents per month. The competition and industry leader GoToWebinar actually charges $99.00 per month for 100 seats.

GVO Conference is really on top of things in comparison to their competition because while GoTo is charging $99.00 for 100 seats. GVO Conferencing software allows you to get up to 300 seats in your webinars for only $44.97 per month.

Now outside of the fact that you’d be saving over 50% of what you’re spending on GoToWebinar (with 200 extra guests) you also qualify to earn an additional income stream from (GVO). The affiliate program allows you to earn income five levels deep.

The “GVO Conference” software and business opportunity seem like a good choice for someone who wants to do their own webinars or might be on a tight budget. However, with the low monthly fee of $8.97 to be involved with GVO, you’ll actually need to have a bunch of people in your downline in order to earn some decent income with the GVO Conference opportunity.

If you are looking to do unlimited webinars with an unlimited audience for under 50 dollars per month. I think that the Talk Fusion software platform may be a better choice. It also allows you to earn Instant Pay along with many other perks other than just webinars like video conferencing, video e-mails, and more.

As I mentioned, if you’re on a tight budget then GVO is the way to go. But if you want more functionality, a much larger income stream with no limits like GVO’s 5 level payout, you should click here to see what Talk Fusion has to offer.

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