Global Platinum Services has been all over my Facebook newsfeed for the last couple of weeks so I thought I’d look a little further into this new travel MLM.

Here’s what I found:

Global Platinum Services

Is Global Platinum Services Legit?

When it comes to MLM reviews like these I try to always give these companies the benefit of the doubt.

Global Platinum ServicesFirst off, at the time of this writing (January 7th, 2017) the company is relatively new. Which is the reason why I’m writing this Global Platinum Services Review.

From what I’ve read thus far, the program is still in pre-launch, after pushing their launch date back to mid January sometime. But let’s talk for a minute about what I’ve found.

Paycation Travel vs Global Platinum Services

I found the company website to be a bit vague. With no disrespect to anyone promoting the business, it also seemed to be operating on a cheap looking blog theme for the time being.

Based on my research, it looks as if Global Platinum Services is in direct competition with a well known Travel MLM by the name of Paycation Travel.

After doing a little investigation and talking with a few reps from both companies, I found out that a lot of the top “Diamond” leaders in Paycation had made the exodus from Paycation over to GPS.

It seems like this has caused some friction between the two companies, as Paycation’s owner David Manning has an active lawsuit out against Global Platinum Services for Cross Recruiting.

I actually saw the document uploaded on the website. You can see the image of the affidavit here.

Are The Global Platinum Services Products Any Good?

The GPS Travel Club and the GPS Travel App both offer discount packages on hotels, condos, cruises, and coupons.

As of right now I could not find any actual booking engine on the site. So I guess you have to pay and become a member before you gain access to any type of deals.

  • Private Access Travel Network

The website mentions a private access travel network that you gain access to as a member of Global Platinum Services. It says that you can get up to 40% off with exclusive access to a database of hotels, condos, etc.

  • Featured Vacations

There are also said to be featured vacations for GPS agents. I don’t know if these are exclusive to people promoting the home business opportunity or if anyone who has the membership is allowed to access these featured vacation packages.

The Opportunity

GPS Agent – $149.95 + $69.95 monthly
GPS Plus Agent – $199.95 + $69.95 monthly

Above are the two levels of participation should you choose to become an agent for Global Platinum Services.

Each level comes with it’s own perks, some of which are only available to plus agents at the $199.95 level.

  • GPS Travel Club Subscription

  • Personalized GPS marketing replicated website
    and back office site

  • The ability to sell any commissionable travel
    product including the following: Hotels, Tour
    packages, Cruises, Car rentals, Limo services,
    Rail and Travel Insurance

  • Ability to earn up to 75% of travel commissions

  • Education and Training:
    Learning Management System (Included)

  • Accredited Leisure Travel Professional Program
    (Additional Fee).

  • Automated hotel booking engine

  • Automated cruise engine
    (Coming January 2017)

  • Automated tour operator booking engines

  • Automated condo booking engine.

  • Premier Discount Programs: Office Services,
    Office Supplies, Phone, Systems and Equipment,
    Travel Services, Travel Industry Subscriptions,
    Invitations to industry webinars and conferences.

  • Ability to participate in the
    GPS marketing compensation program.

I pulled this information directly from their website. I was actually a little confused because both levels were identical in terms of the features despite the two separate enrollment levels.

I assume after they have updated their website again this will be changed.

The Global Platinum Services Compensation Plan

From talking with a few reps who are behind the program the comp plan is very similar to Paycation’s 3×8 matrix. Although they have tried to design the comp plan in a way that it pays out more.

A source with ties to both companies told me they have higher residuals than Paycation on the top of the matrix, fast start bonuses, and a 3 leg requirement instead of 4.

My Final Thoughts on Global Platinum Services

So, is Global Platinum Services a scam?

I don’t think it is. However, what you have to ask yourself is do I want to get involved in a start up company that’s not yet proven? Or would you want to join a company that has an active lawsuit going?

Personally, I would not.

If you’re an avid traveler and are looking for ways to save money on travel then I guess it’s worth taking a closer look at.

Historically, travel MLM’s have not fared well in the industry. Will Global Platinum Services be different? That remains to be seen…

Here’s What I Recommend:

MLM is a great way to earn a residual income for people willing to put in the work. However, it can take quite some time to earn anything significant because of the small commissions paid out in most MLM’s.

In 2017 people are looking to make as much money as they can as fast as humanly possible. To do so, this requires top tier commissions and an automated system that does the selling for you. That’s what I recommend taking a look at before doing anything else.

To learn more just click the button below right now.

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