A few nights ago I wrote a post on Facebook that a lot of people thought was pretty amusing. I spoke about how I was out in a terrible thunderstorm and the lightning was everywhere. I mentioned how even though I’ve gained a considerable amount of weight, anyone who saw how fast I darted to the door to get out of that storm would have been proud at how quick I ran my big butt in the house!

Now I was thinking about that post and it gave me an idea for something that I wanted to write about, and that thing is this….

You’d Be Surprised At What You Can Accomplish When You Face Your Fears…

So let’s talk a little bit about that for a moment…

Okay now that night when I got home I was sitting inside my truck waiting to get out. The wind was blowing, it was raining harder than I remember seeing it come down in I don’t know how long, and it was EXTREMELY dark out. I guess the effects from the lightning were causing all of the street lights to go off.

Anyhow while I was in the car waiting to get out I had to build up the confidence to just say to myself, “Hey, it’s either now or never. The longer you sit here in the car hesitating the more danger you are in!” So after what seemed like at least 10 minutes of hesitation I decided to make my move!

I jumped out of the truck and by the time my feet hit the ground I was almost already in full stride! I had already called and made sure that someone had unlocked the door so that I would not have to kick it off the hinges when I got there. (I was prepared to do that if I had too! LOL)

So I hit the door at about 50 miles per hour and nearly dove in the house head first to get out of that storm! I know this might sound funny to some of you, but when you have a dream about getting struck by lightning the image can sort of stick with you for the next 10 to 15 years at least… So I took it upon myself to make sure that this particular dream stayed exactly what it was…. a dream.

Well anyway, while I was responding to a guy who was making fun of me on Facebook, I said to him “You’d be surprised what you can accomplish when you face your fears.” After making that statement it immediately inspired me to write this post.

You see most of you are afraid like I was. You’re sitting in the car (your job) protecting yourself from the storms that are going on all around your. However deep down you know where you really want to be is in the house (totally free), you want to seek shelter from the storm but you are afraid to make your move because you are preoccupied with the “what ifs.”

You know in my case it was what if I get struck by lightning? What if the tree falls on me? What if there’s a tornado? But then I started to think what if a tree falls on the truck while I’m in it? What if the truck gets struck by lightning? What if a tornado comes while I’m in the truck?

So ultimately it came down to which of my options was more painful… staying in the truck or getting out? Eventually staying IN the truck became more painful than getting OUT. What most people don’t understand is that people are more prone to try and avoid pain than they are to gain pleasure.

So it is with people all over the world, especially Network Marketing. You see most people are uncomfortable with their present situations. Those that are familiar with it know that Network Marketing can provide the shelter that they are looking for but they are afraid to jump out and run through the storm. (They’re afraid of rejection, of talking to strangers, bothering friends and family – Pain)

The freedom that Network Marketing can provide with the residual income, all expenses paid trips, bonuses, cars, and other things is something that virtually everyone wants. (Pleasure) The terrible truth behind this fact is that you WILL have to go through the storm to get there.

Like I said, most people in life are stuck inside the car in tremendous danger. (The car is your job or your attitude) They’re watching the lightning striking all around them, sometimes only feet away. (Layoffs, Shutdowns, Downsizing, Negative Friends) They want to get out and get to shelter but the car is more comfortable because it’s safe right now! Unfortunately they cannot see that the true danger lies in staying in the car.

The answer to everything they want and need is just a few feet away, but they are gonna have to be courageous enough to take that first step out into the storm. That’s the difference between being remarkable and being just average. Average people settle for what they can get as long as it’s comfortable in the process. Remarkable people are willing to take risks, willing to get out there and even go through a terrible storm to get to where they know they really want to be.

So what I wish for everyone of you who are reading this post is to make a move! Life is no more than what you make it. Life will give you whatever you decide that you deserve and not a penny more. If you have things that you want to do in life don’t put them off.

Learn to challenge yourself, you can start today by doing something that you’ve been putting off for a long time no matter what that may be.  Face your fears and you’ll start to realize that it wasn’t as bad as what you thought it was going to be. Most of the time the acronym about fear is really true that fear simply means:

F- False E- Expectations A- Appearing R- Real

Don’t let your false expectations get the best of you where they hold you back. Never hold yourself prisoner when we have no boundaries but ourselves!

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    8 replies to "You’d Be Surprised At What You Can Accomplish When You Face Your Fears."

    • Al-Yassa

      I feel you Rhandell. I had headaches everyday for 2 weeks before I retired from my position as a Vaccine Scientist. I kept deliberating on whether to leave or not, but I finally did in 2006. I left and the world DIDN’T come crashing down. Now it’s time to see what I can really do with whats on the table for us. Look forward to working with you.

    • Erwin

      Great article, Rhandell I like how you used a real life experience to make the message memorable!

    • John Halderman

      Very nice . . . good analogy example with the storm. You nailed it, you described the exact scenario played out in so many areas of life. One of the most powerful points you touched on is about the past vision or memory that you had that was behind your current fear. This is huge, because we tend to use the past to analyze the present without considering that what may have applied in the past is no longer applicable or supportive of what we want now. And we allow it to govern our current thought and behavior.
      . . . go get wet!


    • rhandellmitchell

      Thanks a lot John, you seemed to have cover a lot of the key points that I forgot to mention.

    • rhandellmitchell

      Thanks Erwin, now if I could just transform into a sponsor monster like you everything would fall right into place!

    • Daniel

      Hey, you left a comment on my youtube account so I thought I would return the favor and come on over. These are great reminders to step out of our comfort zone and grow. Great read.


    • Ryan Condat

      Thanks Sir! More knowledge from God to bless more human like me. Now i know what i really want and knowing what i really need. I’m in networking Company right now. Power! God bless more!

    • rhandellmitchell

      Thanks a lot Ryan, I’m glad that you got something out of the post. Thanks for reading buddy.

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