If you’ve been looking for a mid ticket business opportunity to join then you’ll want to read this article. We’re going to cover the Exitus Elite Products and why they are such a great value for the price.

Exitus Elite Products

Why Exitus Elite Is Exploding

Before we get into the Exitus Elite Products, I want you to first understand why Exitus itself is have such amazing growth.

First off, there’s no shortage of people out there looking for opportunity. So when an opportunity comes along that has all of the pieces to the puzzle, it takes off.

Exitus Elite has a very sweet price point for $1299 to get involved.
(the $299 admin fee is annual)

Couple that with the fact that so many people in network marketing are struggling and we have a win win.

I’ve read in the past that 90% of network marketers never recruit more than 2.5 people into their business – ever.

I don’t know the source of this stat, but if it’s true that is ridiculous!

Another stat that I’ve heard for many years throughout the MLM industry is that 3 out of 4 network marketers make $500 per month OR LESS!

Talk about shocking!

Exitus Elite vs Network Marketing

One major difference between a member to member program like Exitus and a network marketing business is that you don’t need a large team to earn 5 figures.

In your typical MLM you need thousands of people on your team to earn 5 figures per month. With Exitus Elite you can earn $10,000 per month with just 10 new members a month – minimum.

And I haven’t even mentioned that you also earn pass up sales and can have unlimited profit centers.

To learn more about all of that you can go and check out my article on the Exitus Elite Compensation Plan.

Exitus Elite Products – The Advantage

No disrespect to those who promote health and wellness companies, or anything that needs to be shipped to your home – but with Exitus Elite your products are all intangible – digital products.

The benefit?

There’s no need to purchase an autoship that you otherwise wouldn’t spend money on every month just in order to qualify to be paid from your company’s pay plan.

The products are also information and education.

So if you actually study the products and implement the education that you’ll receive from those products you could easily use it to elevate your Exitus business as well as any other programs that you may be involved in.

Here’s a video that I made below sharing a little more info about the Exitus Elite Products. Underneath the video you will also find a link to go and review the product explanation page.

More Info On The Products

Something else you should know…

When it comes to making money, if people see an opportunity for themselves – the products are an afterthought. And that’s a fact!

That really gives you an advantage when you know that you have high quality products to offer on top of the opportunity.

A lot of people join these programs for the opportunity alone, which is fine – but if you want to truly help people then the products ARE important, and don’t let anyone tell you differently.


Because everyone that joins you in Exitus will not be an experienced marketer. An experienced marketer can promote virtually anything to make money – even if it’s not that good.

So when you aren’t an experienced marketer, you’ll need to lean on the strength of your product in order to convince those who ARE NOT experienced marketers that this is a good idea for them to get involved.

Make sense?

I hope so!

You may also want to read my Exitus Elite Review

Anyhow, that’s about it for now.

If you have questions about how to get started or maybe you’re already in and just looking for advice feel free to contact me. My contact info is right there on the banner at the bottom of this article.

Thanks for taking time to check out my review on the Exitus Elite Product line.

Exitus Elite

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