eDigital Wealth Scam – My own thoughts:

When eDigital Wealth first came out a buddy of mine approached me about it and asked me to join. I wasn’t interested, but he said that he would pay my way in and I could just try it out…. So I did.

After I got my account set up I sent a few emails out to my list and had 3 or 4 sign ups the very first night. I was a little surpised — happy, but surprised.

However, since then things have not worked out very well. So if you’ve read eDigital Wealth Scam talk¬†somewhere else online it’s possible that it could be true.

edigital wealth scam

What Is eDigital Wealth?

eDigital Wealth is a home based business that sells digital products. It’s not very clear who the actual owner of the company is. Although a lot of the marketing is based around a guy named Steven Seppinni.

Steven Seppinni was also behind the launch of another company that came out a few years ago called Malibu Mastermind. It was out of business before it got out of pre-launch…

eDigital Wealth Scam Talk

Now I didn’t write this article to give you all the specifics on eDigital Wealth. I wrote this to tell you that today on January 11th, I still have never been paid for the money I made when I first got started.

Since joining the program they have swtiched payment processors at least 3 times.

They have also changed the products up and made modifications to the website.

Now sometimes change is good, I get it.

But when you first launch a new company why not develop a little continuity before you start making a bunch of changes. In my opinion that shows a lack of stability — something that no established marketer wants when promoting a new deal.

Trouble With Payment Processors

So like I said, they were having trouble with their pay processors. I can’t remember the name of the first one, but it didn’t work out — I never got paid.

Then they swtiched over to PayQuicker and then they had a falling out with PayQuicker. So PayQuicker would not release my commissions and sent the funds back to eDigital Wealth. Again — I didn’t get paid.

So then eDigital Wealth decided to use Payza. And you guessed it — there was issues with Payza and I didn’t get paid!

After emailing Payza 10+ times with no response, I refunded the payment back to eDigital Wealth so they could possibly pay me through a check. To this day I never received a reply from Payza.

I got an email from Seppinni promising me that it would be taken care of in late November, but yet — now it’s mid January and I still have not been paid.

I Do Not Recommend eDigital Wealth

Obviously not getting paid for 4 months is a pretty good reason not to recommend anything. But more so, I do not recommend it because they are not stable, and have changed their program way too many times for a program that’s barely 6th months old.

If your goal is to start making money online you first need to develop the proper skills.

  1. Learn how to market
  2. Learn how to brand yourself
  3. Learn how to close sales

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