If you’re reading this Easy Cash Code review then you are either already a member, or you’re looking for more info.

I just enrolled with Easy Cash Code 2 days ago so I want to give you my perspective as a brand new member and then you can go from there.


Easy Cash Code Review

Easy Cash Code Review – Who Should You Listen To?

First off, when you read an online review there are two people you can listen to.

1.) People who are already in the program.

2.) People who are not.

If you’re considering joining this business, the last thing you want to do is take your advice from a 3rd party on the outside looking in.

I’ll put you onto a secret while you’re here… most people who write scam articles are looking to get you in their program instead.

Why does that matter?

It matters because 95% of all the “scam” articles you read online are usually what’s known as “click bait.”

In other words, they’re baiting you into clicking on their article just so they can get you to read it and hopefully get you to join their business instead.

So if you read anything online that says “Easy Cash Code Scam” then more than likely that’s exactly what you’ll be reading.

How Easy Cash Code Works

Now that we’ve explained the content you might read online, let’s actually begin explaining how this program really works, ok?

The most important thing to know if you want to become an online marketer is that Easy Cash Code is what’s considered a “funded proposal.”

What’s a Funded Proposal?

A funded proposal is a marketing strategy that’s used for the purpose of building your contact (email) list, while earning small to medium sized commissions on the front end, while you promote your primary program(s) on the back end.

Example: The Easy Cash Code system is only $18 one-time to get started. After someone pays the $18 to enroll in the program they are immediately qualified to promote Easy Cash Code.

All the while you’re building your email list, and hopefully making some $18 sales on the front end.

This also helps cover any expenditures for advertising costs.

So if you were running a $100 solo ad for example, you may have generated 50 leads and 5 sales if you ran a high converting solo ad.

The five $18 sales would compensate for your advertising costs, almost breaking even on your ad costs and also generating 50 leads… virtually for free.

Now you still have the potential to earn even more money, because the Easy Cash Code system also has additional income streams built into the funnel that can earn you (at the time of this writing) up to $202 per person. These are people who join and buy all the products.

All of this happens before they even consider joining your primary program – which could earn you a significant amount more.

Easy Cash Code Products – What Do You Get?

The $18.00 Product

Easy Cash Code Products

The above image is an example of what you get for the $18.00 product. Here’s a sample of the following:

  • Easy Cash Code Funnel System + Ready To Use Capture Pages
  • Easy Cash Code Video Sales Page
  • Referral Management Dashboard
  • Easy Cash Code System Basic Resell Rights
  • Easy Cash Code Personalized Hangouts Page
  • Easy Cash Code Quick Start Training
  • Easy Cash Code Banner Ads
  • Easy Cash Code Facebook Mastermind Community
  • Easy Cash Code Pre-Written Emails

The $67.00 Product

Bulk SMS Tool – UOP SMS Pro

The $67.00 Product is a bulk sms marketing tool called SMS Pro.

I’ve used many different text message marketing tools over the years and this is the best one I’ve seen – not to mention one of the most affordable.

This tool allows you to do mass marketing on a large scale through sms marketing. I created a video that you can watch to learn more about the tool down below.

Please keep in mind that I only showed a small portion of what the software can actually do in the video to keep it short.

After you become a member and get access to the software you’ll be pleased with all of the features this powerful tool offers.

If you’d like to get access to this tool you’ll have to join the Easy Cash Code system for $18. Then you’ll need to purchase the reseller license for $47.

The $47 reseller license is not required to earn unlimited $18 commissions.

However, if you’d like to sell or purchase the SMS Pro software you’re required to first pay the $47 reseller license before you can move forward in the system. Then you’ll have to pay $67 one-time for the software itself.

So that’s $18 + $47 + $67 to get the SMS Pro tool. A whopping grand total of $132.

Not bad for a tool that can help you make $100 – $300 a day simply sending text messages!

If you want to bypass the optin and sales video and buy the software right now just click the button below the video because it will save you some time.

create my account

The $97.00 Product

UOP IM Phenom - All In One Tool Suite

UOP IM Phenom

After taking a closer look at Easy Cash Code I'm actually a little upset that I didn't join sooner.

Today I sat down and watched all of the getting started videos and learned what the IM Phenom system can do. Boy was I impressed!

I used to promote another system called The Conversion Pros that was similar to IM Phenom, and from what I can see it looks like the IM Phenom systems blows The Conversion Pros out of the water.

And here's the kicker... The Conversion Pros is $50 a month, the IM Phenom system is $97 one-time!

One thing I like most about the IM Phenom system and Easy Cash Code is the attention to detail.

A lot of the programs and systems that are out there today are just "okay", but Easy Cash Code is the real deal.

Here's some of what you get with IM Phenom:

  • Cutting Edge Marketing System
  • Built in Autoresponders
  • Capture Page Builders
  • Custom Pop Ups
  • Sales Pages
  • Create Your Own Share Codes for Your Team
  • Evergreen Webinars and More!

Easy Cash Code Compensation Plan

So it's almost time to wrap things up here but I did want to take a quick minute to explain the comp plan for you in this Easy Cash Code review.

There are 3 different product packages with Easy Cash Code. $18, $67, and $97. All of which are 100% commissions.

This means that any time you make a sale (except your 2nd sale for each product) you receive all of the money.

The ECC comp plan is considered a Reverse 1-Up.

This simply means that you must pass one sale "1-up" to your enroller.

You must pass up your 2nd sale for each product package.

So if you make ten $18 sales before you make a $67 sale, your second $67 sale will still pass up. Hopefully that makes sense. Same goes for the $97 level.

After you've passed up your 2nd sale at each of the 3 levels you then qualify to earn unlimited $18, $67, and $97 sales!

Where the real leverage comes in is receiving your pass up sale from everyone that you've enrolled in the business.

So every person that you enroll into Easy Cash Code owes you their 2nd sale as well. 10 pass up sales a month at all 3 levels would earn you an additional $1820 a month in passive income.

That's not a guarantee of income by any means, just an example of what is possible.

What's Possible With This Pay Plan?

The image below is a picture that my sponsor posted yesterday. This is the type of income potential that's possible with Easy Cash Code and obviously why I decided to join.

Easy Cash Code Proof

As you can see on 7-27-2017 he generated $346 in one day with this simple system.

He used nothing but text message marketing to create these results. He even created a 12 video series that teaches his exact strategies. And when you join today you'll get access to that exact same training.

You'll even be able to offer the training as an incentive to get people to join your team in Easy Cash Code.

So that's about it.

If you're still reading this far I encourage you to click on the button below and get started today. It's only $18 today - less than a large pizza.

You can always work your way up at a later date if you're tight on funds.

And if you're already a member and you've read this far I'd like to offer you a bonus. You can use these resources as well to help explode your business.

Thanks for reading this review of Easy Cash Code.

Easy Cash Code Rhandell Mitchell

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    • Kristin Churchwell

      I’m a little confused. A lot of the articles I’ve read say that Easy Cash Code is a scam. But then I’ve also seen some people sharing proof that it makes money. So is it a scam or not?

    • rhandellmitchell

      It’s a legit business. As a matter of fact, people are making thousands every week. If you haven’t already, I’d click the button in the post and go through our marketing system.

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