Easy 1Up Review – By a Guy Who Did Not Join (Originally).

Before we go any further, I want to kind of take a minute to explain what differentiates this blog post from other Easy 1Up reviews that you might find online.

Easy 1Up Review

First, I will be speaking directly for my own perspective. Meaning, there is no individual bias to get you to join or not to join.

You see, one thing that I found as an online marketer is that integrity goes out the door when the cash is on the line.

What I mean by that is people will lead you to believe something that may not be true, in order to get you to take the action that is beneficial to them.

So understand that I’m not here to bash, but simply share my own individual opinion in this Easy 1Up review and let you make your own decision from there.

Easy 1Up Review – Peter Wolfing

Peter wolfing has been a player in the online world for quite some time now. He’s responsible for programs like Infinity Downline, National Wealth Center, and now Easy 1Up (and several others).

From what I can see on the outside looking in, Peter Wolfing does seem to be a legitimate leader. He seems to be someone who is actually in the trenches and actually working with the members inside the program.

I don’t know Peter personally, but from what I’ve heard thus far he does seem to be a stand up dude.

Easy 1Up Reviews – How Are the Products?

Upon reading other Easy 1Up reviews I’ve noticed that there is quite a bit of misinformation out there so hopefully this will help set the record straight.

First and foremost, Easy 1Up is not a cash gifting program.

I found another article which mentioned that Easy 1Up had no retail products or services, but that is not true.

The products are all based on the e-learning sector. So while these are intangible products, they still are actual products, and they still have actual value.

There are actually five different levels of entry into the Easy 1Up business opportunity. We will talk a little bit more about them below.

Easy 1Up Compensation Plan

So if you didn’t know Easy 1Up is what’s considered to be a member to member program.

Depending on which particular level a new member has joined, they can earn anywhere from $25 all the way up to $1000 per sale.

After enrolling in the program you’re required to pass up your first sale at each subsequent level prior to being able to earn commissions.

How the Reverse One up Compensation Plan Works

If you make a payment at the top level of $1000 you are able to earn commissions at all levels, but you still must qualify by passing up your first sale at each individual level.

Cost to Join Easy 1Up

Along with the product fee there is also an affiliate membership associated with each individual level of the program.

Your admin fee will vary based on the level in which you decide to participate in Easy 1Up.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are 5 levels of entry:

Elevation: $25 + $5 admin fee

Elevation Elite: $100 + $10 admin fee

Vertex: $250 + $25 admin fee

Vertex Elite: $500 + $50 admin fee

Vertex Pro: $1000 + $110 admin fee.

One Time Payment

The good thing about it is that this is a one time payment. So if you join Easy 1Up at the Vertex Pro level then you will only have to pay $1110 total.

If you start at the lowest level and work your way up, you’ll be required to pay the admin fee each time you upgrade.

This is why it’s best to join at the top level as soon as you enroll.

Easy 1Up Review – Final Thoughts

While I am not a member of Easy 1Up, I do think it’s a good program.

For those that plan on getting started, I recommend that you use the products, teach yourselves how to market, and don’t rely on a sponsor as the catalyst for your success (or no success).

If you’d like to see my alternative to Easy 1 Up you can take a closer look at it by clicking on the banner below. I also recommend getting your hands on some type of Ringless Voicemail Software as it is an inexpensive method of contacting thousands for pennies on the dollar.


Since writing this article I came to find out that I was grandfathered into Easy1Up when it first launched and I didn’t even know. Apparently an old software called Phone Broadcasting Club I bought almost 8 years ago qualified me to be a member of Easy1Up.

So of course I decided to set up my account since it was free, but when I wrote this I wrote this from the perspective of a non-member.

Easy 1Up

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