If you’re an internet marketer then I’m sure that by now you’ve heard the world famous term, “the money is in the list”. I couldn’t agree more.

Email Marketing Tips

My journey with list building has been a long and arduous one. I’ve built up several lists, neglected them, and had to start all over again.

What do I mean by neglected them?

I mean that I stopped sending mail on a consistent basis. When your list gets used to getting email from you they’re more prone to open what you send. However, the moment that you go let’s say a week or so without sending, you’ll notice your open rates begin to decline.

Email Marketing Tip – How to Get More Clickthroughs

You know the funny thing about email marketing is that you could have a list of 50,000 people and get 20,000 opens each time you send an email, but if nobody opens them – what’s the use?

That’s the most important email marketing tip I can give you is to focus more on getting people to click on your links when they do open..

I guess when you factor this all together that it all sort of works in unison, because if you can’t get anyone to open your email (Your Subject Lines) then you’re not going to get anyone to click on your messages either (Your Email Body).

The Solution

I’ve come up with a simple solution to getting more clicks on my links inside of the emails and it’s come with a lot of experimentation.

If you want to get more people clicking on your links then you need to be writing shorter emails…period. Of course, some of the marketers out there write extremely long emails that compel a person to read but think with me here for a minute.

Nowadays, in the age of fast food restaurants, microwave ovens, and texting… most people simply don’t want to spend a lot of time doing anything. Also people are busy nowadays, so people don’t just don’t have time to waste.

So if your goal is to get your point across in your emails then you had better get your point across fast!

One thing that I’ve experimented with that I know for a fact has increased my clickthroughs is adding a hyperlink to the very first sentence of my email.

In the rare case that you don’t know what a hyperlink is…

This is a hyperlink

A hyperlink is simply the name for a clickable link that you find online. Now, getting back to the subject. Creating a shorter email with the link somewhere near the beginning of the email has drastically increased my clickthrough rates.

Email Marketing Tip # 2 – Increase Your Font Size

My next tip if you want to get better results from your email marketing efforts is to increase the size of the font. Especially if you follow my advice and start shortening up your messages. You’ll want to increase your font size to 14 or 15 (assuming you use aweber).

By doing so, now your message is much more visible and it’s still short. So now what you’ve done is made it easier to read and also kept it more appealing by leaving it short and to the point.

When I started increasing the font size on my emails along with shortening them and adding hyperlinks at the beginning of the message I saw some really good results almost immediately.

Where are your leads coming from?

This is also a good question to ask yourself, because the location from which you’ve acquired your leads has a good deal to do with whether or not they will be responsive or non-responsive leads.

I can say from experience that if you are promoting a business opportunity of some sort that Craigslist leads will tend to be some of the most non-responsive leads you can generate.

After that, the next type of leads that a lot of internet marketers generate come from solo ads. Depending on the solo ad provider that you choose and the way that they’ve built their list then solo ad leads can actually become a little non-responsive over time as well.

If you don’t know what a solo ad is… A solo ad is simply when an individual who has a large amount of email leads in their database sells you advertising and agrees to send you a specified amount of visitors to your website.

Solo ads are a good way to get your list started, but what you’re really after is:

Email Marketing Tip # 3  – Targeted Leads

Now this is where you start to see progress in your business because the more targeted your leads are, the more they “already” want whatever it is that you have to sell.

What I’ve found during my journey as an online marketer is that the best source of targeted leads is blogging.

But why?

Here’s why… because when you’re blogging on a specific subject your leads are there for that specific reason. Just like you, if you’ve read this far it lets me know that you’re really into internet marketing and list building.

It also lets me know that you probably already have an email list and you want to learn how to optimize that which you already have and make it better.

So with this knowledge, if you were to be interested in making money online then I would already know once you opted in to my website that you were already at least pre-qualified to work the business and possibly have good success with it as well.

Maximum opens and clickthrough rates

So when you go out there and build your list strong and fill it up with targeted leads your open rates and your clickthrough rates will be significantly higher than someone who just goes and throws mud against the wall and waits for some to stick.

I’d say that 90% of internet marketers, especially in the home based business niche do not go after only targeted leads. They’re usually so desperate to make a buck that they advertise any and everywhere in hopes that someone will join.

If you put in the time to build your list and research your market so that you know in advance that your leads are targeted two things will more than likely take place.

#1. – You’ll start to make more money


#2. – You’ll start to see a lot more success in your business.

So hopefully you found just a little value from these email marketing tips, and if you ever have any questions about anything or would like to work with me personally please click on the image below.

Thanks for reading!

Email Marketing Tips



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