So you responded to an advertisement about e-Digital Wealth and now you’re doing your research, right?

If yes, then you are in the right place. Because I am going to give you the good, the bad, and the ugly about e-Digital Wealth and then let you decide.

e-Digital Wealth Review

Who is e-Digital Wealth for?


e-Digital Wealth is really for anybody that’s hungry. As with anything, there will be some new skills you will have to learn, but you could easily earn a full-time income if you apply yourself. (This is not a guarantee of income. Some people make no money at all.)

The e-Digital Wealth Opportunity

The opportunity market is getting larger and larger each year. People are getting smarter. They’re beginning to understand the worldwide potential of the internet. And looking to live the “laptop lifestyle.

Imagine for a moment, you waking up in the morning (when you’re done sleeping) then you go and have your morning cup of coffee. While you drink your coffee, you watch a few minutes of your favorite morning time show. Then you walk a few feet down the hallway to your office to go to “work”.

Some people call this the “30 second commute”.

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e-Digital Wealth Products

e-Digital Wealth's Money Now product is the entry level product for $100.

e-digital wealth products

This program teaches 10 proven methods for the complete beginner to earn $3000 per month or more spending just 1 hour per day.

I've actually gone through this program and was really impressed with some of the simple, but unknown strategies that Andrew shares in the Money Now  program to make money fast, right there on your computer at home.

e-Digital Wealth Accelerator Pack

The second product is a bundle package with a product called Membership Millions and P3 - Purpose, Passion, & Profit. 

Membership Millions

This program retails for $1990 if bought outside of e-Digital Wealth. It teaches how to earn at least 5k a month recurring income through the use of membership websites.

If you've ever had a good idea that you think you could get paid for, creating a membership website and loading it with your content for a monthly fee could be the way to go!

P3: PURPOSE, PASSION & PROFITS by Alex Mandossian

Alex Mandossian e-Digital Wealth

Alex Mandossian is one of the most popular internet marketers and trainers in the world.

Collectively Alex and his clients have done over 400 million dollars in sales online. The P3 product normally retails for $3,000, but you can get it as a member of e-Digital Wealth for just $500... and that also includes the Membership Millions product.

The good thing about e-Digital Wealth is that these are legit products. Unlike many programs out there, these products can actually help increase your income if you study and implement the material.

The Industry

The e-Digital Wealth business is centered around the E-Learning Sector. E-Learning stands for "electronic learning" and is pretty self-explanatory.

People are so eager to go online and pay for information that they are spending somewhere to the tune of 325 million dollars every single day on information.

Over 100 billion dollars is spent annually on E-Learning, and very few companies are using a direct sales approach to get these products and services to the market - exactly why e-Digital Wealth is taking advantage of this booming trend and now you have the ability to profit from it.

Soon the E-Learning sector will be doing well over 1 billion dollars per year. I guess the big question is how much of that do you want?

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The e-Digital Wealth Compensation Plan

The first thing about the EDW Compensation Plan is they eliminated all of the things that people don't like.

Things like hotel meetings, monthly autoships, and group volume requirements.

The comp plan is designed to pay you the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time through the leverage of coded bonuses and commission check matches. They also track everything so you don't have to.

Our first product offers a 100% commission payout. You earn $50 on every Money Now product that you sell. You also earn $50 every time one of your personally sponsored team members earn $50 on a Money Now product sale.

This is what's known as a check matching bonus.

Team Commissions


The e-Digital Wealth 2-4-6 Pattern

Through the coded bonus plan, you earn unlimited $50 commissions on unlimited depth.

Everyone who joins e-Digital Wealth is required to pass up 2-4-6 to their enroller. This means your 2nd, 4th, and 6th sales will pass up.

The Standard of 6

Your immediate goal when you join the business is to get your first 6 members. After you've done that, you want to help your people get their first 6 as well.

For each member on your team who abides by the standard of 6 your income will grow by 300%. You can learn more by watching the compensation plan video (click #2 "Money").

Check Matching Bonuses

If you had just 2 personals earning $50 per day - you'd be earning $100 every single day.

If you had 20 personals earning $50 per day - you'd be earning $1000 - every single day


e-Digital Wealth Marketing System

The EDW Marketing System comes for just 14.95 a month and provides you with everything you need to run your business.

They track all of your commissions so you don't have to. It also comes with:

  • Built in contact manager
  • Email Broadcaster
  • Accept Credit Cards in 200 Countries
  • Texting Platform (optional)
  • Auto Dialer (optional


With our business plan, the more free members that join your team the greater your income potential. Every member that enrolls for free can still earn in the compensation plan by simply passing up their first product sale.

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How to Market the Program

Marketing is all about preference. Some people are good at talking to others, and some suck.

If you aren't good at prospecting, then your next best options is to attract people to you. One way that I have used to build my business is through the use of ringless voicemail software. Text Marketing is also a very easy way to draw people into your capture pages.

The important thing to remember is that not everything is for everybody. So if you want to rank advance in e-Digital Wealth your focus should be on doing what works best for you, and finding something that you can remain consistent with.

How to Get Started in e-Digital Wealth

After you have taken a good look at the program you can click this button to join. If you would like to schedule an appointment to speak please contact me at the number below on the banner.

Anyone who gets started within 48 hours of reading this article will receive 5,000 free opportunity leads to help jump start your business.

e-Digital Wealth

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