Business Success Alliance Scam

When I 1st got serious about internet marketing one of the things that I was taught is that you never write anything negative about another company when you’re writing a review.

However, I guess that depends on how you define the word negative.

In today’s article I’m going to tell you about the pros and cons of the Business Success Alliance and you can go from there.

All I can tell you, is that what you read here today in this article is not speculation, it’ll come from experience, because I used to be a member of the Business Success Alliance.

Business Success Alliance Scam

Is the Business Success Alliance A Scam

Alright, 1st things 1st… I know a lot of people want to know whether the Business Success Alliance is a legit opportunity.

My immediate answer would be yes. It is a legitimate business opportunity.

If you’ve done a Google search for the keyword term “Business Success Alliance scam” then you surely have found information from many different people on the topic.

Now here’s the deal.

Anyone who knows anything about search engine marketing can write up an article about whatever they want and it will rank on the search engines.

Unfortunately, what many potential prospects don’t realize when they aren’t savvy to the internet is that a large majority of this material is untrue.

In most cases when you read an article and it says “scam” in the title, it’s usually written as click bait (hint) in order to get people to click on it and read it, so that they can segue you into another opportunity.

So as far as the legitimacy of the Business Success Alliance I would definitely say with confidence that it is a legit business.

Another problem with home-based businesses in general is the fact that a lot of former members become disgruntled when they realize that this is not a get rich quick scheme.

After which, they go on to say that the opportunity was a scam, simply because they did not put in the necessary effort required in order to see a result.

It’s actually pretty sad that people do this because it sort of tarnishes the industry. When in actuality tens of millions of dollars have been earned from top tier sales opportunities just like the Business Success Alliance.

Business Success Alliance Product Line

So the BSA product line has seven individual product packages. Each individual package range from $500 all the way up to a $50,000 package.

Whenever someone joins the Business Success Alliance you’re required to pass up your first sale at each individual level. After you have qualified, you will then earn 100% of each individual sale that you generate at whichever levels that you are qualified.

So it is possible for you to be able to earn $50,000 from one single sale.

Now here is where I have a problem with the Business Success Alliance.

Any program that has a $50,000 position should be at the cutting edge of technology and innovation.
(In my opinion)

It is my personal opinion that the Business Success Alliance website is sub par at best.

Not only that, but when I was an active member of the Business Success Alliance I had a few issues that I needed taken care of. I sent in support tickets at least 10 different times to the support staff.

During that time, out of the 10 support tickets that I put in – I only received a response to maybe three of them. I can only remember receiving a response to two of them but there may have been a possibility of a third.

Regardless, there was a large number of support tickets that were never responded to, which immediately turned me off.

Since I stopped promoting the Business Success Alliance I have noticed that there has been a slight improvement to the website, but it still doesn’t look very good – it just doesn’t look professional.

After logging in recently I noticed they added a couple of areas that looks like they basically try to mimic another once popular top-tier program by the name of Exitus Elite.

Business Success Alliance Compensation Plan

Now one thing that the Business Success Alliance does have in their favor is their longevity.

BSA is one of a few programs in this space (top tier opportunities) that have been around for a very long time.

They have undergone several name changes over the years, but the company itself and its owner Rob Abrams have definitely been around for a while.

While the concept of earning $50,000 sales sounds attractive, I personally just could not move forward with this particular program – because of my own personal standards.

If at some point they ever cleaned up the program and added higher quality products, perhaps I would return to the Business Success Alliance and give it another go.

However, for the time being, I’m just going to stick with what I currently have, as it has been converting very well.

Here’s a quick video explaining why I feel the way I do:

My Personal Opinion on the Business Success Alliance

Overall, I don’t think that the Business Success Alliance is a bad program.

On the other hand, I do believe that the program needs an overhaul as far as the products go, as well as the overall design of the website and the back office.

For this reason, I personally would not recommend getting started with the Business Success Alliance – at least not at this time.

Again, this is not a bash… But rather me speaking from the heart, sharing my own personal opinion.

Anyone who has a high standard for quality and professionalism will easily agree with where I am coming from.

For anyone that is actually looking for a top-tier program with a high level of professionalism, as well as stellar customer support, I personally would recommend TiDom Inc as the go to top-tier business opportunity.

See here’s the deal, anyone that is actively promoting the Business Success Alliance would much rather you send them a $50,000 check than to only send them a $22,000 check like you would receive through TiDom.

For that reason, a lot of less than ethical marketers do not care about the quality of the products or the quality of customer care, because $50,000 is a lot of money. And as we know, the love of money is the root of all evil.

So whenever someone has an opportunity to earn a massive chunk of money like $50,000, sometimes ethics go out of the window.

Please understand, this is not me saying that the Business Success Alliance opportunity, or its owner are unethical.

What I’m simply stating, is that if someone had an opportunity to earn an extra $28,000 they would probably do whatever they could to get it – know what I mean?

So hopefully by now you have a better understanding of the Business Success Alliance from the perspective of a former member.

Hopefully you can understand that I’m speaking from the heart and not bias – based off the fact that I’m a member of both programs, and could easily opt to enroll people into BSA for more money – even though I know in my heart that it is not as good of a program as UEconomy.

So thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to read this article on the Business Success Alliance.

If you’d like to contact me or have any questions, you can find my number on the image below. Or, if you’d like more information on my personal recommendation simply click the button below.

Business Success Alliance

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