Thanks for checking out my Best Easy Work Review.

Today I’m going to share what I found in my research of the Best Easy Work program, and let you be the judge as to whether you want to move forward with the program – or not.

If you’re here then you probably heard about it on social media or something like that, right?

Regardless of where you saw it first, you’re doing a smart thing by doing your research.

Let’s go ahead and talk about what I found…

Best Easy Work Review

Best Easy Work Review – My Research

So after doing some research, I found that the Best Easy Work business is registered to and owned by a guy named Martin Ruiz.

I’m not familiar with him as far as online marketing goes, but the name does seem to be a bit familiar. Who knows…

When it comes to professionalism, I am a HUGE stickler.

In this day and age, I just don’t believe that anyone should have a website that doesn’t look professional. It’s just too easy to find a template to make your website look good for a hundred bucks or less.

With that said, my initial impression of the Best Easy Work website was that it looked cheap.

They say that you can get started in the program for free, so I guess you get what you pay for (shrugs).

I really hate to even sound like I’m bashing the program, because I do have a few buddies who promote this thing, but I’m just being honest – and I hope you (and they) can respect that.

The Best Easy Work Products – What Are They?

After doing a thorough investigation I found that the only products outside of the free website and some pre-written advertisements are $200 hotel gift cards, and some type of discount dental plans.

Just based on experience, I can almost guarantee that in order to use the discount cards for the hotels, there will be limitations as to which hotel chains will accept them, and then there will more than likely be some type of “surcharges” for doing so.

I’m not sure, but if I turn out to be right – you heard it here first…

Best Easy Work Reviews – The Opportunity

When you land on the BEW sales page, you’ll find a nine minute sales video there. The headline for the video says, “pay attention – proof of $4980 in one day.”

As I mentioned, I have a buddy on Facebook who seems to be doing pretty good with this thing, so out of curiosity I decided to watch the Best Easy Work sales video to see what I could find.

After watching the sales video I was confused.

The entire 9 minute sales video is basically a video of the Best Easy Work logo on and inside of different buildings.

There’s a short section with an attractive woman saying how much money you can make, but she doesn’t explain the business. Then there’s a video of “Brad” showing some payment proof – still no explanation of how the business works.

Personally, I don’t like vagueness.

I’m a no-bullshit type of person, so I want the details and I want them fast. I don’t want to spend 10 minutes of my life watching a video that doesn’t even tell me what the product is or what I’d be doing to make the money.

The Best Easy Work Compensation Plan

So what is the cost to join Best Easy Work?

There are 10 different buy-in options:

  • Option 1 - $88 One Time - You Earn Up To $50
  • Option 2 - $188 One Time - You Earn Up To $120
  • Option 3 - $288 One Time - You Earn Up To $200
  • Option 4 - $500 One Time - You Earn Up To $350
  • Option 5 - $1000 One Time - You Earn Up To $750
  • Option 6 - $1500 One Time - You Earn Up To $1200
  • Option 7 - $2000 One Time - You Earn Up To $1600
  • Option 8 - $2500 One Time - You Earn Up To $2000
  • Option 9 - $3500 One Time - You Earn Up To $2900
  • Option 10 - $5000 One Time - You Earn Up To $4000

Final Thoughts On Best Easy Work

Ultimately, whatever choice you make is obviously up to you.

I understand that when you’re in need of money and desperation kicks in, sometimes anything looks good.

If you’re already a member, I wish you the best of success.

Although I would not personally recommend this program, I don’t want to discourage anyone reading this who is already in, or who already has their heart set on getting started.

However, I do believe there are better programs out there, that offer a lot more value.

Whatever you choose, just make sure you treat it like a business. You might even want to check out some of these marketing tools. Thanks for reading this Best Easy Work review.

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Best Easy Work

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