Welcome to my American Bill Money Review!

I’m writing this today to give you a fair shot at success in the American Bill Money business if you decide to join.

Or maybe you’ve already joined and now you’re here looking for advice on how to promote this thing?

Pay attention, because all will be revealed in this article.

American Bill Money Review

American Bill Money Review – The Opportunity

Website: AmericanBillMoney.com

American Bill Money launched back in 2003. It was started by a gentleman named Paul Korzeniowski.

It’s main focus – postcards.

Obviously any program that has been around for over 10 years in this day and age has to be at least somewhat legitimate.

I’ll clarify now by saying that in no way do I think this program is a scam or unethical. I actually think it’s a pretty brilliant idea because of it’s simplicity.

However, there are a few things that bug me about the way American Bill Money affiliates are representing the program, which led me to write this article.

I’ll explain that in a few…

American Bill Money Reviews – What Do You Get?

Like I said before, the primary focus of the company is postcards.

You also receive 150 opportunity seeker leads each month. The website does not mention how many postcards you get with your autoship, but it does say that you’re eligible to purchase either 1000 or 2500 postcards every 6 months for 50% off.

There are 2 points of entry into the program.

You can opt for the monthly autoship for $125 a month or you can choose the pre-paid option and pay $1500 for the entire year.

Anyone who joins American Bill Money for the $1500 receives 1800 leads and a bonus of 5000 free postcards.

The American Bill Money Compensation Plan

American Bill Money’s compensation plan is what’s known as a 1 up compensation plan.

This is a comp plan that I’m very familiar with from years of promoting instant pay programs. Also known as member to member.

American Bill Money isn’t member to member though because the funds are paid directly to the company, and then the owner sends commissions in the form of a check.

60% Commissions

Monthly Autoship – $125 a Month – Commission Paid = $75

Pre-Paid Plan – $1500 a Year – Commission Paid = $900

That’s not a bad take, especially considering these are residual commissions, considering the people you’ve enrolled decide to stick with the program.

American Bill Money 1 Up System

So the 1 Up comp plan is actually very simple. For a lot of people it’s more easily understood with a visual.

American Bill Money Comp Plan

In the above illustration you can see that it all starts with YOU.

Once you join the business, your first sale is a considered a “qualification sale” – also known as a “Pass Up” or “1 Up” sale.

The key thing to understand is once you’ve enrolled your first member into American Bill Money you are now qualified to earn $75 residuals and $900 lump sums for annual members.

Now take a look at the image. Each new person that you enroll creates a new pay line.

Every person that comes into your pay line owes you their 1st sale. So let’s take the first line on the left with the red shirt and blonde hair.

When she enrolls her first person (the dollar bill) that person comes to you. When that person enrolls their first person (the second dollar in that line) that person also comes to you. And so on and so on.

This is why people say you can get paid to infinity, because technically you can.

American Bill Money – Do Postcards Work?

Obviously postcard marketing works. It’s been around long before the internet and people have made good money with it.

However, considering a few factors, I don’t think that postcard marketing is a feasible business model for the “average” person getting started in American Bill Money.

Postcard Marketing is an expensive strategy, but it is easy to duplicate – so it’a a double-edged sword.

First off, most people say you should expect a 1% conversion rate with postcard marketing.

Which means that only 1 out of 100 people who receives your postcard will probably join… Keyword “probably.”

One thing about the American Bill Money opportunity is that it comes and goes in waves. As do all programs.

One minute it’s hot and one minute it’s not.

At the time of this writing the program is hot again.

The thing is, most people who are seeing extraordinary results are not telling you that most of their sales are coming from social media and other means of paid traffic – like solo ads.

So if your plan is to join and do NOTHING but mailing postcards don’t be surprised when you don’t see the results you had hoped for.

This is exactly why American Bill Money is so popular because the average opportunity seeker doesn’t want to talk to people, doesn’t want to use social media, and doesn’t want to make videos – all of the things you NEED to do to get long lasting results.

Final Thoughts

Nothing I’ve said here was meant to be negative – I was speaking facts only.

Overall, I don’t think that American Bill Money is a scam by any means.

With that said, I do think there are better opportunities out there. I personally prefer ALL of the money instead of a portion.

Which is why I love 100% commission programs.

There are tons of different programs out there for you to make $200 – $300 per day that have actual products – if you’d like to look at something like this…

Click Here To Watch The Video! 

Again, nothing against American Bill Money. I have friends who promote this program, so I’d never try to mess with their livelihood. I just think that what we have is much better.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my American Bill Money Review.


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